Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Fashion Life: Geo Mini Skirt

Hey people!

This is a new section of Search.Style.Snap called 'My Fashion Life'.  This part of the blog is when I randomly post about my life in this dope fashion world; from random style thoughts, random fashion purchases that I feel great about, a sale I was at, fashion questions, style debates... well you get the idea.  

So.... I just finished purchasing this super duper cute mini skirt from Forever 21.  I'm so excited about this buy, not only is this skirt so dope, I paid $9.80!  I HEART the price.  I'm a fashionista turned recessionista and I love a bargain. 


I live and die by the High Low fashion, your whole outfit does not have to be dripped in labels.  Its never what you wear, it's always how you wear it!!!! ;)  I always get the... 
Her: I love your fit, where did you get it? 
Me: HM! 
Her: Yeah right!... get my drift?

My new skirt is soooo giving me Rih Rih right now.  But it's a geo print and it is an update to the conventional stripe.  I'm excited to get it!
I'm taking my skirt with me on my vacation! :)

I think I'm going to bust out my skirt with my stylicious peep toe booties i told you guys about!!! aaooowwwww!

Let me know about your fashion life, email me stylistas!

until next time
same place tomorrow

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Utility White Shirt

Another one for the fellas,

When I open any man's closet and examine it, I should (and better) see a white button down shirt. This is a staple that every man should have in their wardrobe. It's an investment that will carry you through out the four seasons.

The great thing about 'staples' are, you can dress it up or dress your it down.

You can rock your white shirt with a dope tailored suit or dress it down with some jeans and converse.

I've noticed cool updates to the conventional white shirt; color blocking, Bib details, prints, cool detailing on the collars. My fav update is to the basic white shirt is the Utility White Shirt.

I love the utility shirt because it adds personality, youth, fun and comfort to the traditional white shirt.

All ages can rock it!

Styling tips: You can wear the Utility shirt with some jeans and sneaks or rock it with a straight leg denim and a great hard bottom shoe. For those hot days you can pair your utility white shirt with some cargo shorts (the khaki ones) and throw on a fresh pair of boat shoes (Let is be known I am a fan of the boat shoe).

The Utility shirt can carry you from day (work) to night (a cool trendy after work lounge)... how dope is that???

Try the following to get your cool Utility white shirt; Club Monaco Banana Republic Forever21 Express

Until Next Time
Same place tomorrow

Style Reporter

Style Rules: Kenneth Cole 10 Rules to Great Style.

This is strictly for the Stylistos,

In the August issue of Details Magazine, the mag has linked up with great American clothing designer Kenneth Cole to share his 10 Rules to Great Style.

Fellas check it out:

1. Clothing is maybe the single greatest form of self-expression. Whether you're fashion-impaired or fashion-inspired, I urge everyone to take a few extra minutes every day to contemplate the message you’re sending to the world.

2.If you wear a fragrance, make sure it doesn't arrive before you do and linger when you're gone.

3.Few people get dressed up today. Mix dressy with casual or rugged with refined. And one item should be more tailored. For example, if you're wearing a T-shirt, wear cleaner jeans. Wear a blazer with the jeans or a casual top with slacks. (I like this rule)

4.Beyond any other accessory, shoes will have a very significant impact on how you look—they make the whole outfit come together. There's that old adage that before you judge somebody you should walk a mile in their shoes. Then if you don't like them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. What you wear below the ankles is critical. (YES!!!!! and fellas like I said before, a woman notices your shoes before anything else.)

5.Establish a uniform, then layer in something new to make it fresh each day. I always have my white shirt, my jeans, and my boots. Then I mix up the rest. Some days I wear a graphic tee with a white shirt and a vest. The next, I might wear a white shirt, a V-neck sweater, and a pin-striped blazer. But the must-haves for every wardrobe are a white shirt and a comfortable blazer. (Staples are so important, its how you style those staples that will give you a different look every time.)

6.When all else fails, wear black.

7.Vests are the accessory of the season. They look great as an element of sportswear or with a suit—as long as they're not matching. It's about breaking up the suit and then wearing the pieces as separates. The jacket, with or without the vest, can be worn with jeans. The pants can be worn with sneakers, T-shirts, and hooded sweaters.

8.Patterns, like stripes, need to be very subtle. The message overall should be that you're not wearing a matched wardrobe (or on parole). Contemplate wearing a jacket that doesn't match your pants and a shirt that matches neither. Your belt and shoes don't have to match either, but there needs to be a sense that everything works together. (I'm a firm believer of having a strategic plan when planning your fit. Your fit should have a point of view)

9.You've done a good job if people see you and say, "You look great," as opposed to "Where did you buy your shoes, and how much did you pay for the jacket?" Your clothing choices should help present you.

10.No matter how long it takes you to get dressed, it shouldn't look like it took more than 10 minutes.

Details Mag has always been one of my favorite Men's magazine.
I recommend every man to subscribe to Details mag, no... you can not buy style, but you can definitely get inspired.

I was in the Kenneth Cole store in Soho about 2 weeks ago, his assortment is very young and fresh and most importantly... on SALE!!

I'm going to start working on Rules to Dope Style, Search.Style.Snap edition! HA!
If you want to contribute some of your style rules email me.

Until next time
same place tomorrow

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Fashion Thoughts: Layered Pearls


Ok, so this morning’s Sex and the City news got me sooo excited. Today is dedicated to posting random SATC thoughts. Did I mention I'm a Sex and the City Fan!!

Every break I had today, I was looking through pages of fashion magazines to get inspired for my Casting Call fit! (I am so excited right? Haha)

While on the web, I came across a picture of one of my style icons Carrie Bradshaw and immediately remembered Rihanna’s recent Red Carpet look at the Inglorious Bastards premiere.

Though this layered pearl look was started by CoCo Chanel (another one of my style icons) both of my stylicious girlies are rocking the same layered pearls in a dramatic way… SWEET!

This goes to show, you can style your layered pearls with a formal attire and a laid back comfy fit.

I need to get some!

Love it!

Until next time

Style Reporter

Fashion news: Casting Call, Sex and the City 2

I have exciting news!!!

I was reading The Fashionbomb this morning, one of my favorite blogs, and I learned Sex and the City 2 are having casting calls for fashionista extras!!!

WOOHOOOO!!!! I'm sooo hyped!

The casting director is seeking actors to play Fashion Models, Celebrity types, Upscale Socialites, Fashionistas, Urban Club goers, Gays and Lesbians, International types (Middle Eastern, Arabic, Asian, European, British), and Professional Soccer Players.

This could be your fashion calling stylistas!

The casting will be held in NYC on Tuesday August 4th at Metropolitan Pavilion (125 West 18th Street between 6th and 7th Aves).

If you are Screen Actors Guild members you get first dibs- you are welcomed from 10am-12:30pm. All others are to come from 1:30pm-4pm.

The dope thing about this casting call is you can send in a recent photo and contact info to sexandthecity2@gwcnyc; if you can not make the casting call, this is for all out-of-towners.

You can catch your girl there bright and early. I’m not an actress but I will definitely put my actress hat on to be an extra. I'm a SATC FAN!!! I watch the movie at least twice a week it's only right I try to get my fashion extra debut. I'm also going to send in a picture! HA!

All you stylistas meet you there!

Until next time
same place tomorrow

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Style Walker: Billionaire Boy

Name: JJ
Age: 26
Occupation: Retail Manager
Fav Designer: Billionaire Boys Club
Fav Store: Billionaire Boys Club, Kid Robot
Perfect Outfit: "Something simple, that still stands out and catches the eye. Jeans with a nice fade or cool cargos, fly graphic tee, and unique limited edition kicks
Fashion Rules: Always be yourself, have fun with it, do what you like, and if other people are diggin' it too... that's a bonus.
Fav color: Purple, "just got the purple G-Shock."
Fashion Diary:
Sneakers: Nike Dunks, $100
T-shirt: Uniqlo, $17
Cargos: Gap, $40
Rosaries: $25 each
Watch: G-Shock $110
I was at my cousin's BBQ last Saturday and I ran into my good friend. I automatically stopped what I was doing to snap some flicks. I noticed JJ has been reading Search.Style.Snap- he decided to link up his Yellow G-Shock watch with his Khaki pants.
What drew me to his outfit was his fun t-shirt. When I scanned his fit from head to toe I also noticed a very cute detail- his neon yellow shoe laces matched with one of the giggling faces on his Tee... Dope
JJ has turned his rather simple look into a great one!
How you do like JJ's style?
Until Next time
Same place tomorrow
Style Reporter

Style Walker: Tres Chic

Name: Tyesha
She's reppin': Brooklyn
Fav. Designer: Marc Jacobs (one of mine too)
Fav Store: La Vedette- small boutique in BK
Heel or Wedge? Wedge
Fashion Rules you live by? The right size and fit make all the difference.
Describe your style: Classic, a classic look can always be updated with a current trend, color, or accessory
What inspired this look? "I saw the skirt while killing time and knew just what to pair it with."
Occupation: Showroom Manager
Fav item in the closet: "I just brought a wide brim red sun hat, I'm in love with it at the moment.

Fashion Diary:

Top: Express, $18
Skirt: H&M, $25
Shoes: Steve Madden, $150
Jacket: Armani Exchange, $180
Rosary: Notre-Dame in Paris

I caught up with Tyesha celebrating her Bday party at Glass and I thought she looked so chic, I had to expose her simple style. I say simple in a stylicious way, Simple is VERY CHIC!!!!
What drew me to her fit was the jacket and the cool shoulder detailing. The bow added a girlie feel to the dark hues.

A black pleated skirt is and always will be a sure hit! It screams chic!
The faux python sandals were giving Carrie Bradshaw's Dior Gladiators all the way- but a recession option... LOVE IT!

Kudos to Tyesha- Great Style

What do you think of her style?

Until Next time
Same place Tomorrow...

Style Reporter

My Fashion Life: Raceyy Shoe, Steve Madden

Hey Stylistas,

I was surfing the web and found a great pic of Chrisette Michele. This girl came along way!!! I wonder who is her stylist.... hmmmm... I think it's June Ambrose- I remember June Tweeting about Chrisette.

Salute to June, because Chrisette is looking fab and I LOVE her hair cut.

The best part about Chrisette's style in this pic... south of her ankles!!!

I just purchased the same booties today from Steve Madden!!! I love to see celebrities in recession friendly brands. I'm a fan of Steve Madden; good quality, trendy, and a great price.

Recessionistas love Steve Madden!

When I wear mine I will post a pic.

Steve Madden is having a crazy dope sale.

I only paid $20.00 for mine!!! YEP!!! Run over to Steve Madden and get your shop on.

I told you stylistas, I will hook you up when I get the skinny on the sales!! :)

I found a short viddy of June and Chrisette giving style tips... enjoy

until next time



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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fashion with a Cause: The Uniform Project

The Little Black Dress aka LBD can take you along way, just ask Sheena Matheiken.
I was web surfing and came across a great cause using a simple black dress, definitely a staple every stylista and fashionista should have in their closet.

Sheena has pledged to wear the same black Dress for 365 DAYS. She calls this idea The Uniform Project. I know it sounds crazy and impossible but its actually rather dope and very doable.

Fashion with a cause!!!!

Sheena is raising the money for the Akanksha Foundation, a non-profit organization designed to strengthen the education system in the slums of Mumbai. All of the contributions for the Uniform Project will go towards the organization for school uniforms and other school expenses. That is dope!

This is a rare and interesting idea. Sheena states she got the idea from personal experience from having to accessorize her uniforms in school. She says all the kids in her school would add their own spin and twist to represent their on individual styles and personality.

It's not what you wear, but how you wear it!

Through the website monetary donations could be made.

I know its hard to be optimistic about her pulling this project off, but designer, Eliza Starbuck has designed the LBD for it to be worn in so many different ways. The dress can be worn front or back, as a jacket, or an open tunic. The dress was created using a durable breathable cotton great for many different seasons. The accessories Sheena will be wearing are ebay finds, vintage shops, and flea markets. Talk about getting fly on a buck.

The cool thing about this project is, Sheena is inviting any jewelry or fashion designer to donate original pieces or collaborate with her on creating different ensembles. She will then give shout outs and promotions to your website or blog the day she wears your creation. These type of donations can be made thru the website too. If you are designers take advantage of this cause.

Check out some of my favorite styles

The way she works different garments and style her accessories are so dope.

The project started May 1st with this look!

I cant say enough how important accessories and layering your pieces are. It enhances your look and Sheena definitely confirms that!!!

This goes to show if you invest in key essentials you can also style it up differently every time to create a different look. In these hard economic times- that is KEY!
Go over to The Uniform Project website and check out Sheena's daily fits. Try and support the cause.

Until next time
Same place tomorrow
Style Reporter

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dope Style: Work Out Style

Hey guys-

It's been some days since my last post, yeah I'm slacking but im back to deliver.

Macy's Live Strong window is the inspiration for this post, along with my boyfriend teasing me and my BFF about not eating healthy. I need to head to the gym, first I need gym clothes. Even breaking a sweat I have to do it in style.

Here are some styling tips for looking good while you are working out; whether you are breaking a sweat on the treadmill, running the track, weight lifting in the gym, taking a dance class, or just heading over to the local yoga center, you can do it in style.

Women's Workout Style Inspiration

To have a great workout style, color plays a great part. Feminine colors like pink, purple, aqua blue, grass green, white, and black are the best style choices. Black is a great color because it's very slimming and camouflages the sweat.

Great style is having your track pants, jackets, and leggings that fit properly. It's nothing like having a saggy rear walking around the weight room.... no bueno

Having bright accessories can jazz up any outfit. The accessories enhance your style, it shouldn't destroy it. Cool hair ties are essential. Pulling your hair back from your face is important when working out- it tames your locks. Playful water bottles adds an extra hand candy when taking a water break from crunches. A dope bag to house your fabulous clothes is also eye catching. Think of your gym bag as your Louie Speedy... Dope accessory. While you jam on the stair master, having a great ipod case is a great accessory and adds cool style addition to your workout fit.

Ladies sport bras are your best friend, it will tame the girls. I'm a fan of print sport bras- it adds personality. When wearing a print you must balance your fit with a solid.

Having a great pair of sneakers will bring your outfit home. Colorful sneakers will not only add comfort but head turning in the gym.

Shopping Note: Stella McCartney by Adidas have one of the best fashionable athletic assortment. The best thing about the line you can wear for pieces to the gym and on a movie date. With times like these, having alot for your buck is DOPE!

Men's Workout Style Inspiration

Styling at the gym should be essential for men. This is the place women attend for the "Guns Show"... get it??? lol.
While you are in the gym working your butts off you should do it in style.

Color is and will always be important when discussing style. For great color you should gravitate towards royal blue, bright reds, apple greens, black, grey, and yellow. Color coordinating your fit is essential too. Do not pair your red track pants with a yellow sweatshirt.... Yikes!

Sneakers are very important when working out. The right sneakers can give great support and it will complete your look. My favorite is the Nike Shocks or the Air Max 95'.

Like any other fit, accessories only enhance your look. It's great for a man to add some cool workout accessories like: the LiveStrong rubber band, Nike wrist bands and heads, workout gloves in a great color, ipod arm band, and a really cool water bottle.

Men normally have very simple styles, but a fun track jacket can explode your workout fit. I'm digging the shiny track jackets on men. It adds style and a fashion sense. I'm feeling it!

Shopping Note: Run over to Macy's and check it Live Strong collection. It's pretty dope! I've always loved and appreciated the Adidas store in the village... huge selection.

With the following tips and inspiration you can turn your boring workout gear to fabulous head turning style. Even if you do not work hard in the gym, you can at least look the part!!! :)
until next time
same place tomorrow
Style Reporter

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dope Online Find: Nike Air Hoop Structure

Attention Stylistos!!

The other night while flipping through the channels I noticed a cool site my boyfriend was on, he was exploring all the crazy fitted hats, dope t-shirts, and vibrant sneakers . Later I learned he was on Leaders1354 website. A cool Chicago store that houses dope street wear. The site is more directed towards guys, but it had great stuff, from clothes, to sneakers, to art.

There was a pair of kicks that automatically caught my attention and as your style reporter I felt it is my duty to deliver dope finds.

Nike Air Hoop Structure

Meet the Nike Air Hoop Structure. For all you sneaker heads who peeped these along time ago, this is the first time I'm seeing these and I suggest if you are a sneaker head to pick these up. These drop Holiday 2009 so keep an eye out. Every Stylisto needs a great pair of kicks.
Head over to to see more dope street wear.

Let me know what else you find.

Side note: I wonder if Kanye visits whenever he goes back home... Hmmmmm

For all you sneaker heads who know the skinny on dope sneakers before they hit the airwaves- email me, I will post them on the site :)

until next time

Style Reporter

Dope Online Find: Burnout Tanks

Hey Stylistas,

I was on Forever 21 website cruising through the accessory section, though I don't buy too much of the garments, the accessories are the best, I came across some dope tanks!

Burnout Pocket Tank

Ever wanted to explore Rihanna's Rock chic look, try out these tanks.

The Burnout Pocket Tanks are giving me a style attack. I'm loving them.
What I love about these tanks are the inspirational messages with the definition. LOVE!

These tanks will take any style from casual boring to Rock & Roll Chic.

Pair your choice of tank with some leather leggings, motorcycle boots, skinny jeans, or Rock & Roll Studded Booties. I'm thinking of spike accessories... Im having a moment! :)

The best thing about it is the price, $11.80. WOOHOO... talk about recession friendly!

I'm thinking about the Imagine, Hope, and Love- they have a Beauty one also.
Run over to and get you one.

Which one are you buying?
I'm ordering mine RIGHT NOW! :)

Until next time

Same place Tomorrow


Style Reporter

Friday, July 17, 2009

First Date Style

I love this pic of Bey and Jay(despite Jay's hands in his pants) coupled up going for an after dinner stroll. They look like they are on their first date.
That is the one thing I love about Summer time... the Summer Love. The endless conversations on the phone, numerous dates, smiling from one ear to the next, ditching your friends to hangout with your summer fling, it's all soo much fun.
Before you can experience that summer love, you have to go on that First Date. For some people its a regular night, and for some its dreadful. It's always that number one question that plagues your fashion mind; "What am I going to wear?"

Here are some cool First Date steps you can follow when deciding what to wear for you night out on the town.

First, you want to confirm the plans. Make sure what you plan to wear is appropriate. If you are going miniature golfing you sure don''t want to show up in a Chiffon dress and strappy sandals. hahaha- get my drift??

Second, once you find out the plans, check the weather and always have 2 outfits for a warm night and a cool night. Its nothing like wearing shorts in a monsoon.... Not a good look.

Lastly, you want to make sure you are COMFORTABLE. Ladies if you have a brand new pair of 5 inch heels you are dying to wear, save them for another night. It would be horrible if you had to end the night early because your feet were killing you.

Here are some Styling Tips that will help you when deciding what to wear

1. On your first date you want to be sexy, but not trashy, comfortable, but not too boring.

When deciding what to wear always go for the following:

Silk shorts, fashion sandal, cut out booties, cropped leather jacket, destroyed skinny denim, printed skirt, black blazer, or a little black dress.

These are all essentials to an amazing first date look. The great thing is, doesn't matter what the plans are you will look appropriate and fabulous.

2. Fresh Face: keeping the make-up to a minimum is important, you are going on a date, not attending a Halloween party. Natural make-up will bring out your beauty.

3. Sweet Smell: Dabbing a little perfume will put the finishing touches to your overall look.

4. Clutch: This is the season of the clutch, toss your classic hobo to the side and grab a cute eye popping clutch.

1. Tonight you are going to leave the t-shirt and Uptowns at home. You want to substitute your graphic tee with a slim fit button down. Pay attention to detail; whether it's cool buttons, or a different pattern on the cuffs, women notice everything.

2. Leave the sneakers at home and go with a cool shoe. I know this may be a stretch for most guys, but a woman notices your shoes first, if your shoe swag is not on point, your night will be rudely interrupted by the "fake emergency" call from her girlfriend. hahaha (I know it's a bit shallow, but I've heard stories)
3. Cologne: Make sure you dab (not drown your self) on some cologne to add the finishing touches. There is nothing like a man who smells good.

With these few tips you are guaranteed to win some points in the styling department! Even if the date doesn't go pass the first night, at least you will be remembered for your fabulous style!

All this Summer Love talk is reminding me of "Summertime" -by Beyonce ft. Ghostface. I love this Song... ENJOY!

until next time

Same place tomorrow

Style Reporter

StyleWalker: White Jeans

Name: Priscilla
Occupation: Forecasts Color
Fav designer: Oscar de la Renta and Marc Jacobs (one of my favs too)
Fav Store: Zara
Fav peice of clothing: Her never worn Cobalt blue off-the shoulder double ruffle top.
Honorable Mention: White Jeans
Fashion Rules: "Tailor Tailor Tailor, Make sure the sh*t fits"
Style: Free-Spirit
What inspires her: COLOR COLOR COLOR
Fashion Diary:

Top: Mexican designer Pineda Covalin- $277.00
Jeans: Madewell- $110.00
Shoes: Canfora
Ring: TJ MAX fine jewelry- $200.00

What caught my attention was Priscilla's Blouse. I loved the silhouette, how it draped off her shoulder and of course the print. After I scanned her ensemble I noticed her white jeans (Must Have for the Summer ladies) and her beautiful jeweled sandals. I had to snap her! After chopping it up with her, I learned that her blouse is actually a Scarf. I was impressed! I also learned her white jeans are from Madewell down in Soho, and EVERY first Thursday of every month, you get 20% off!!! How dope is that? Take advantage of that people. Right when I was about to turn and leave, I noticed her ring... Gorgeous!

Priscilla nails her cool casual Summer Look, definitely Search.Style.Snap worthy!
Are you feeling her style?

until next time...


Style Reporter

Men's 5 Must Haves for Summer

Ok fellas, it took me a minute now I'm back with the jumpoff. (hahah)
After two days off, I'm up and running.  Here are the 5 Must Haves for Summer, or what's left of it.  

These 5 dope items will have you noticed, swaggerful; and if styled right... you will definitely have the next man "Jockin' your Fresh".

1.  Denim Jackets
I know some of you are saying, "Chee you are bugging, it's too hot"... Yes, you are right, but with this weather, the weather is cool enough during the day and evening to wear a denim jacket with some shorts paired up with a Tee, I definitely recommend a sleeve roll up.  The denim jacket adds a "Cool" "America Boy" swag to your get up.

2.  Yellow and Teal Watches

We see them everywhere the G-Shocks watches, but for the Summer, the Yellow and Teal colors are the "go-to".  These two colors scream Summer Swag.  Grab a graphic Tee with the same color direction and you are picture perfect.  Side note: I seen some dope Teal and silver blazers floating around that is a sure fit for the summer!! Lock in fellas, I won't steer you wrong.

3.  Mirrored Aviators

If these aviators don't scream SWAG I don't know what does.  These aviators will add the finishing touches to ANY fit, whether you are going suit flow, jeans or t-shirt, you are guarantee to look great!... Like a cop car.... hahah
side bar: I just ordered a pair last night *bbm embarrassed face*

4.  Air Yeezy

First let me just say, I'm tight they don't have these in ladies, tho I'm not a sneaker lover, I would cop a pair.  I know these are high to be "Nikes" but I'm a firm believer in High Low style and some things should be invested in, and these are one of them.  You can go Kanye flow on them and pair these sneaks with a straight leg jean and a solid color tee from American Apparel.  Or you can style it with some shorts, either way you will have people looking south of your ankles!  

5.  khaki pants or cargos

Same as Ladies Must Haves, khaki is a huge color for Summer.  Fellas run out and get your khaki cargos and/or Khaki pants.  Make sure you pay attention to detail on the khaki pants and opt for a cool fit and pocket details.  Try to stay away from the standard GAP khaki pants- you will start to look like a boarding school reject and that is never a good look, save those for work.

Here you have it, the 5 Must Haves that will make oyu the fashion life of the BBQ this Summer. 

Style extra:  Try out your Must Haves by pairing your khaki cargos with a Teal watch, Teal/Silver blazers, denim jacket (rolled up) and crisp white v-neck tee, add the finishing touches and throw on your mirrored aviators... Can you see it??? DOPE!!!!

Run out and get your Must Haves, send me some pics on how you styled them.

Happy Shopping!

Style Reporter

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Fashion Apology

Hey Fashion Lovers,

I owe yall great apologies, I have not posted your daily style fix in a couple days. I'm having some technical difficulties and this computer is blowing mines. The computer is hating on my blog!!! It's not allowing me to fix my pics and to top it off, my boyfriend is not around to HELP!!!! :(

Don't worry, I will be posting tomorrow- I have a great style line-up for you guys: dope interview from a young fabulous fashion designer, Real Style from dope style streetwalkers, Men's 5 Must Haves for Summer, June Ambrose re-cap, and much much more. Please bare with me!

I hope I have not disappointed you guys.

Same place tomorrow!!

Style Reporter

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fashion Obsession

This part of the blog is when I ramble about my fashion obsession.
Every stylista (and stylisto) has one.

You know when you are in love with a piece of clothing, every time you see it your heart skips a beat.
Or it's in the window at Saks and everyday you visit Saks to gaze in the window and daydream about all the brilliant outfits you can put together.
Well that is how I feel about two things- at the moment... I have Fashion ADD so my fashion obsession will change in the next week.
But for right now, its the Alexander McQueen Peep Toe Ankle Boot!!!
Those thangs right therrr.... DOPE!

These babys' gonna run you a whopping $1,500.00 easy... I'm trying to gather up a "Get Chee Chee those McQueen" collection fund... Any donations?

My next fashion obsession is the Black Quilted Lambskin Classic Flap Chanel Bag.
The name alone fits the character of this bag... This is definitely a classic bag, and if you can afford it or somehow get hit by a cab and get lawsuit money, this is a purchase i strongly suggest!!! It will out live YOU!What are your fashion obsessions???

Style Reporter

When Boy Meets Girl

I noticed an interesting trend that is emerging quickly and hitting hard. Everywhere you look a stylista is rocking the look. Seems like everyone is getting bit by the "Boyfriend" bug. Whether it's the infamous boyfriend jean, the slouchy button up, or the over sized blazer, all fashionable girls are "Locked In", as Diddy would say.

Women are trading their booty-hugging denims for a pair of boyfriend jeans and switching their tailored fit blazer for an over sized blazer. Today's designers are putting their feminine twist to their male inspired collections.

To Lock In this trend, add a slouchy or oversize button up to your wardrobe. To save cost, grab a white button up out of your boyfriend's closet (or brother) and roll up the sleeves.

Also try an over sized blazer, those are pretty cool. You can head over to H&M, get a size bigger and roll up the sleeves! Zara has a dope "Boyfriend" blazer... on sale!

The Gap has a whole collection inspired by the boyfriend jean; from ex-long tanks, to oversize v-neck sweaters! DOPE!

Lastly- the trick is to wear the over sized pieces, but add your girlie accents, whether its a pop lip color, big jewelry, or statement heels, make sure to not make a super chic trend look sloppy. Remember its all about your style and how you incorporate the trends. Don't let the trends wear you, you ROCK the trends.

This is definitely a new day, women can definitely do what a man can do and doing it in their jeans! Ha!

Check out my style interpretation of the "Boyfriend" jean. This is one of my sets off of All stylistas are "locked in". Head over to and create your own boyfriend set, email it to me... :)

Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl by SwagGirlChee featuring Hello Kitty accessories

Styling tips: Pair a destroyed paired of boyfriend jeans with a long sheer tank topped with a cropped lightweight leather. Adding detail, cuff the jeans at the bottom. Definitely rock a pair of oxfords- try silver :)
An important addition to any outfit is the right jewelry. Try a couple of thin long silver necklaces, big face watch (men's), studded cuff, and an over size ring. Leave the huge handbag at home and rock a big clutch (preferably a bright color)!!!
Picture Perfect!

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DOPE Online Sale

Ok so I been slacking on my pimping and it’s only the third day on the job :(
Im soooo sorry. I didn’t realize how hard and time consuming managing a blog could be.
I have a couple of things for you guys today so don’t fret!

As a fashionista turned reccessionista- the sight of a sale gets me sooo excited, and in these economic times I know you guys will appreciate it me sharing my sale discoveries.

I was on of my favorite shop website and there is a fabulous sale going on right now!
Up to 80% off!!!

For those of you who have been sleeping under a rock- is a dope online fashion shop! Definitely add this site to your favorites!

After an hour of sale surfing I have a some favs.
Check it out!









Head on over to and surf for yourself. The prices are DOPE, I have a couple of things in my shopping cart right now!



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Sunday, July 12, 2009

5 Must-Haves for the Summer

As I started my day on the search to capture Real Style, I noticed I left my camera in the house and because I am the only person on the planet without a camera on my phone, I was unable to expose the dope styles hitting the streets today, but as your Style Reporter, i have a back up plan.

Check out the 5 Must-Haves for this season that will guarantee to have anyone asking you, "Where did you get that?"

1. The OxfordThe Oxford is a great substitute for the conventional flat.
Style tips: try pairing these up with a pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans, fitted tee (preferably vintage) and a long blazer (don't forget to roll up the sleeves).

2. Destroyed Denim
This is one of my favorites because this can be created in the comfort of your own living room. DYI is always the way to go!
Style Tips: Pair your destroyed denim with a long tank, a statement shoe and a cropped lightweight leather jacket.... HOT!

3. White Denim
I've always appreciated white denim in the Summer.
Style Tips: This Must-Have can be dressed down with a cool graphic tee and eye popping Converse sneaks or styled to turn heads with a beautiful lightweight tunic .

4. Sequin cardigan/bolero
This is another favorite of mine. This one staple can turn a Day fit into a Dope night ensemble.
Style Tips: A long tank paired up with skinny jeans (or leather tights) and a round toe pump (preferably platform pump)... can you say HOT!

5. Anything Khaki

All of your favorite designers are creating a khaki palette into their assortments.
Alexander Wang for Gap created a cleaver khaki collection at a recessionista price.
Style tips: add olive green to your khaki outfit- whether its jewelry or a tank, the two hues make a great combination.

So who is planning their shopping trip to cop their Must-Haves for the Summer?
Try some of these styling tips. Take a flick and email them to me. I would love to see how you guys styled your 5 Must-Haves.

Don't worry fellas, I am not neglecting you, I will post your Summer Must-Haves tomorrow ;)
With that said I'm out.
See you tomorrow, same place ;)

Style Reporter

Saturday, July 11, 2009


WELCOME to my blog. It's a long time coming but I'm finally here. I'm not going to ramble about myself, that's what the "About Me" section is for.  

I always thought about how cool it was to be in the city that never sleeps, and witness how New Yorkers manage to juggle many things in their life and still conquer it with effortless style.  I knew there was a need to unmask the dopeness, for that reason Search.Style.Snap was born. 

My Mission is to expose and capture dope style strutting the streets of New York City, updating breaking fashion news, the latest trends, providing style tips, cool interviews, and sharing my random fashion thoughts.

I have a keen eye for all things fabulous and I'm here to bring it to you! Its my sworn fashion purpose! You can label me the "Style Reporter".

Make this your daily style stop, it's going to be fun...
Maybe you will be the next to be "snapped".

The Style Reporter