Friday, July 17, 2009

First Date Style

I love this pic of Bey and Jay(despite Jay's hands in his pants) coupled up going for an after dinner stroll. They look like they are on their first date.
That is the one thing I love about Summer time... the Summer Love. The endless conversations on the phone, numerous dates, smiling from one ear to the next, ditching your friends to hangout with your summer fling, it's all soo much fun.
Before you can experience that summer love, you have to go on that First Date. For some people its a regular night, and for some its dreadful. It's always that number one question that plagues your fashion mind; "What am I going to wear?"

Here are some cool First Date steps you can follow when deciding what to wear for you night out on the town.

First, you want to confirm the plans. Make sure what you plan to wear is appropriate. If you are going miniature golfing you sure don''t want to show up in a Chiffon dress and strappy sandals. hahaha- get my drift??

Second, once you find out the plans, check the weather and always have 2 outfits for a warm night and a cool night. Its nothing like wearing shorts in a monsoon.... Not a good look.

Lastly, you want to make sure you are COMFORTABLE. Ladies if you have a brand new pair of 5 inch heels you are dying to wear, save them for another night. It would be horrible if you had to end the night early because your feet were killing you.

Here are some Styling Tips that will help you when deciding what to wear

1. On your first date you want to be sexy, but not trashy, comfortable, but not too boring.

When deciding what to wear always go for the following:

Silk shorts, fashion sandal, cut out booties, cropped leather jacket, destroyed skinny denim, printed skirt, black blazer, or a little black dress.

These are all essentials to an amazing first date look. The great thing is, doesn't matter what the plans are you will look appropriate and fabulous.

2. Fresh Face: keeping the make-up to a minimum is important, you are going on a date, not attending a Halloween party. Natural make-up will bring out your beauty.

3. Sweet Smell: Dabbing a little perfume will put the finishing touches to your overall look.

4. Clutch: This is the season of the clutch, toss your classic hobo to the side and grab a cute eye popping clutch.

1. Tonight you are going to leave the t-shirt and Uptowns at home. You want to substitute your graphic tee with a slim fit button down. Pay attention to detail; whether it's cool buttons, or a different pattern on the cuffs, women notice everything.

2. Leave the sneakers at home and go with a cool shoe. I know this may be a stretch for most guys, but a woman notices your shoes first, if your shoe swag is not on point, your night will be rudely interrupted by the "fake emergency" call from her girlfriend. hahaha (I know it's a bit shallow, but I've heard stories)
3. Cologne: Make sure you dab (not drown your self) on some cologne to add the finishing touches. There is nothing like a man who smells good.

With these few tips you are guaranteed to win some points in the styling department! Even if the date doesn't go pass the first night, at least you will be remembered for your fabulous style!

All this Summer Love talk is reminding me of "Summertime" -by Beyonce ft. Ghostface. I love this Song... ENJOY!

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  1. You hit the nail on the head girl...the best is "On your first date you want to be sexy, but not trashy, comfortable, but not too boring."