Friday, August 21, 2009

Last Minute Summer Buy: White Jeans for HIM

Hey Stylistos,

Ok so the Summer is coming to an end, but we still have a couple of weeks left.

For you guys who are going on late vacations this is definitely for you.

Labor Day is right around the corner, and I do not follow the "Don't wear white after Labor Day" Rule!!! It is a stupid rule, and as a stylista, we don't follow fashion rules, we make up our own.

So with that said.... Fellas you can wear white jeans and you can wear them after Labor Day!

Some weeks ago I had a conversation with my main squeeze about him getting a pair of White jeans for the Summer, and he shut me all the way down! lol

I love WHITE jeans, I love them on Women and I love them on guys, if styled right... but you can not mess up a pair of white jeans. Keep it simple and cool.

Kanye rocked his White Jeans in Miami with Girlfriend Amber Rose this week.

Express for men have a dope pair of white destructive denims. (I wish I can post a pic, but Express does not allow you to steal their pics!!!! BASTARDS!!! lol)

Click here to take a look.

Try a pair of high top sneaks to rock with your white jeans. (try those Gourmet Kicks I posted a couple of weeks ago)

Until Next Time

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Dope Online Find: Girl in Glasses Tee

Hey Stylistas,

I was crusing one of my fav blogs, StyleScrapbook, and came across a very cool tee.

100% Certified Organic Cotton Tee by Daniel Roberts. Collaboration with Borders & Frontiers Hand Printed.

This tee is Super dope! Check out the super stylish ladies on the tee in their Chanel Glasses. I'm into it!

Styling Tips: You can literally wear this tee with anything; an A-Line skirt, or some jeans, or cut off shorts... anything you want. You can dress this tee up with a pretty skirt and booties, or dress it down in some boyfriend jeans (cuffed), crossbody purse, and a pair of oxfords.

I want this tee... if you want one too, click here to get details.

Until Next Time

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Recessionista VS. Fashionista: Scalloped Bow Dress

Hey sexy readers,

On this Third edition of Recessionista Vs Fashionista:

I bring you Lipsy Ric Rac Bow Dress going up against Marc by Marc Jacobs Joelle Scalloped Dress.

I love this section of Search. Style. Snap. It's a time to look at our favorite designer pieces in a recession friendly version. Let's be real, you do not have to spend a whole lot of money to get high end fashion.
In these times people are not spending large wads of doe on clothes!... Just not happening!
What do you guys think? Which version gets your vote?
Until Next Time
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Dope Style: MAN Accessories

Hey Stylistos,

I always get asked... Which Male celebrity style you like the best?

There is always a toss up with alot of swaggerful dudes. I like T.I's country polo/laid back style; Kanye's ability to take risks and be "great" style (lol); Andre 3000 over the top gentleman's style; Diddy's cool style; Fonsworth Bentley's clean cut style; Terrence J's street style (Yes I must admit, he has that cool street wear swag down packed, I actually appreciate how he dresses, and I know he is not a "celebrity"); and Jay-Z's hood/blue yankee style (back in his pre-nuptial days).

That's just to name a few, I know there is more but I can't think of any more right now.

But the one who consistently keeps me smiling and approving his looks, is

His signature uniform: V-neck Tee, leather jacket, Cool ass pair of Sunnies, and some cool boots always a plus... always cool, laid-back and sexy.

I always admired his cool choices in accessories. Usher makes it cool for a dude to throw on a leather bracelet, a ring, or a necklace that is not "Iced out" and not get the "gay" label.

Leather Cuff Bracelet (P.S. I hate Usher's crocheted beanie.. lol)

Leather strand with Bead bracelet and Ring

Necklace with Ivory tusk- like piece

Leather Braided Bracelet

Metal chain bracelet

Aldo Accessories offers a cool Men's accessories line that is Man-appropriate. Check out my favs.

Wiatrak Ring

Portauprince Bead Bracelet

Mismit Ring

Furbeck Necklace

Duskin Bead Bracelet

Defalco Bead Bracelet

Chichester Chain Bracelet

Bauswell Metal/Leather Bracelet

Moche Cross Dog Tags

Edmundo Black Rosary

Fellas, take a chance and try adding some accessory swag to your fits. Always remember accessories are to enhance a fit, not destroy it. If your outfit is already busy, pass on the accessories. If you opt for a simple get-up try a metal chain bracelet or some Metal dog tags.
What do you think fellas? Are you sold on the accessories?
Until Next Time
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'Run this Town' viddy: Rih Rih's dark style

Hey people,

Ok so I finally watched the 'Run this Town' viddy, and I LOVE IT!!!

Now, that's how you make a video! I like the gritty dark, rebellious style in this video.

Rihanna's look is dope and gritty, dope very sexy.

I found some great inspiration pieces to help you get Rih Rih's 'Run this Town' style.

Styling Tips: All black is the common factor. Be dramatic with your accessories and add ons, utilize leather fabrics, whether it is your leggings, jacket, bag, boots, leather will give you the "bad girl/rebel" look.
Opt for black leather Motorcycle boots, or over the knee boots, silver and spike bracelets, cut off gloves, statement necklaces and military/school band inspired coats.

What did you guys think about the viddy??
Until Next time
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Source: video Stuff Fly People Like

Style Tweet: ...Like a Shot Gun.. BANG!

Hey stylistas,

A couple of days ago, custom jewelry designer Melody Ehsani posted on twitter her new Shot Gun ring.
It's type dope!

Maybe Melody was inspired by Rih Rih's Shot Gun tat.

For those who have been living under a rock, Melody Ehsani is responsible for the uber fab custom 4-finger ring and the 'POW' bamboo earrings.

Ehsani's jewelry is loved by Hollywood's young and fabulous ladies; like Keri Hilson, Kelis, Rihanna, Angela Simmons... just to name a few.

Funky, fun, statement accessories are the new rave. It can spice up any simple jean and t-shirt ensemble. Ehsani's jewelry will get you noticed.

Head over to Melody Eshani website and start customizing your own jewelry.

Until Next Time
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