Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Fashion Random Thoughts: My Girl Crush- Amber Rose

Hey sexy readers,

Ok so blogs and the cyber world is going crazy over the pics that surfaced this morning of the beautiful Amber Rose and swag king Kanye West dangling in South Beach.

So as you guys know I am going to Miami for my bday at the end of the month and I was telling my main squeeze how I wanted to wear a thong bikini while we are there.

We are staying at one of the dopest hotel in South Beach, it's my birthday, and it's Miami.... why not???

Amber body is SICK!!

Kanye doesn't look half bad either...

Cool look to be pool/beach side... Can't go wrong in a crisp white pocket tee and khaki/olive chino shorts.
White Tee: Polo, Calvin Klein, Gap

Khaki/Olive short: Banana Republic, Gap
After seeing her Ass swallow her G-string... I'm having second thoughts!!! hahaha

My ass will throw up my g-string.. lol

I got the thumbs up to not let Amber discourage me... hmmmm....

I found a very cute tasteful one...

I might go for it guys!!
Until next time
same place tomorrow

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