Friday, October 23, 2009

Kiddie Style: Weekend Inspiration (Part One)

Hey Readers-

Last week I introduced a new section of Search.Style.Snap called Kiddie Style. a section where I dedicate a post to my growing stylistas and stylistos.
Today I present... Kiddie Style: Weekend Inspiration (Part one)

What inspired this post was the upcoming kid parties I'm invited to; so I said what the hell- let me post some great kiddie fit inspiration for you moms and dads--- or aunts, uncles, god fathers and god mothers.... :)

I went through the Gap's website and kind of went bizirk (and J.crew's website was bugging)! Tho there are other kid stores out there like, Gymboree, J.Crew, Bellini, H&M, Children's Place, Ralph Lauren, etc... I believe Gap really understands how to dress a kid on a great budget.  They have the cutest items for kids and you will never have to dip into your 401K to purchase.

Side Bar:  Im not a firm believer in spending ridiculous amount of money on kids clothes- Kid's grow up soo fast -you have to keep dishing out large money for an outfit.  I never understood the mom who went out to Burberry or Gucci to cop outfits... it's soo stupid.... only in the Hood....


Check out my favs on the site and how I paired them up for our lil stylisto :)

This is a great inspiration set for the older little boy.  The little boy who aspires to be his Father.  The little boy who is starting to dress himself, develop and understand what he likes, what he dislikes.  I like the play of red, grey, black and white.  Whether it be stripes or plaid, this is defintiely a stylisto in the making fit.

This inspiration is for the younger brother who loves colors and still in the "climbing everything insight" stage.  Green, brown and orange gives off a very Fall look and nature inspired ensemble.  Your little boy will turn heads with these colors and patterns.

This set is one of my favorite.  Gap really understands the need for Grey this fall.  mixing and matching plaid and stripes are cool for little kids.  When dressing your kid in these mature colors like Grey and black you want to add a POP color.  Royal Blue is a great pop color for a little boy.

For the older boy, grey and black can work.  Balancing your layering will set this ensemble style free.  Adding a Pea-coat to this rather sporty look makes it great for a day out with the parents, to the movies, birthday party or Shopping.
All these items I found at
Cute Eh?

Look out for part two today for my little stylistas....
Gap has Leopard for little girls!!! awww.....