Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quilts and Chains

TopShop has some cute chain quilted bags on their site right now.  I was in the store a week and a half ago and remember seeing them.  You can see a strong Chanel 2.5 inspiration, nonetheless they are cute for the spring and summer.


Mag Love: Rihanna for GQ

I made my way over to Rihannadaily to see what Ms. Thang has been wearing these pass couple of days.  I took a break from the site due to Rihanna poor fashion choices lately- but I said what the hell... let me take a look.....

I came across Rihanna's January 2010 GQ cover....

BISH is SEXXAAYY in this cover.... tho we've seen her rack time and time again, this is a more sexier way to expose herself... in my opinion.  What a way to start off the new year eh?....
I will be picking up a copy....

SIDE NOTE: Her shorts are making me want Summer to roll around.... I LOVE short shorts..... :)
DOUBLE SIDE NOTE: I love her album- never liked her pass album, but this one bumps!