Thursday, September 17, 2009

Daily Dose: Rihanna Rocking her Custom Melody Ehsani

Hey sexy readers!!!

Because I am in LOVE with Rihanna's style... not her personally- she is a walking mannequin we come to ADORE... here is your daily dose of Rih Rih.
(Maybe I should make that a section on the blog- everyday for a week- showcase a celeb's style... hhmmmmm.... )
Rihanna was snapped on the streets yesterday in a rather cool fit- on her way to her favorite restaurant Da Silvano... AGAIN!!! lol

Rih Rih was rocking her Melody Ehsani custom made name plate!!!

I spoke of Melody Ehsani's custom jewelry some time back here on the blog.
I been meaning to get me some custom made jewels from Melody Ehsani, but not sure what I want....
Any suggestions.....

I chose to focus on her necklace because we have seen alot of statement jewelry this summer. Its an investment for the season and Melody Eshani custom pieces will definitely add a swag to your fit this Fall.
Side Note: This might be a T.M.I moment- but I always wanted a nipple ring. I am not as blessed as some chicks to rock full B's and C's cups, so I figured getting a nip ring was a way of dressing up my A cups. I do have a tat tho ;)
What do you guys think of Nip rings?
Do you ladies love Melody Ehsani's custom jewels?
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