Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BluePrint 3 leakage

Ok- I wouldn't normally do this- but I let me brother download "BluePrint 3" and put it on my ipizzy today.

I would NEVER download Jay's album- but I was very eager and couldn't wait for the release date!

Everyone knows- I'm a die hard Jay fan.

So what do I think....

I think he has a solid album. I actually like ALL tracks. I heard the album one time straight through and I bopped to every joint.

My favorite so far is "Empire State of Mind" ft. Alicia Keys....

Track makes me want to Rock a Blue Yankee hahaha
I will be purchasing my copy of Blue Print 3 Sept. 11th.
Next Week Tuesday- tics for Jay-Z charity concert at Madison Square Garden goes on sale!!!
I will have my money waiting- because I will BE at that concert!!!! :)
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same place tomorrow
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Style Tweets: From Mariel Haenn

Hey Stylistas/Stylistos

I was on Twitter and seen a Style Tip from one of the hottest Stylists in the game right now- Mariel Haenn.

Haenn is responsible for styling Rihanna, Ci Ci, Jada Pinkett Smith, Meagan Good, and other dope chicks in the game.

Haenn tweets:

I wanted to share this with you guys, because this is great style advise. If your confidence is through the roof- you can walk down the block in PINK sweatpants and you will be a million bucks!

Style is not only about your fits- but its about your swag- your personal aura!!!

Think about it!!!

Until Next Time
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Source: Twitter

What is a Stylista???

Hey Stylistas!

I get a lot of questions about what is a "stylista"?
Here is Chee's definition of a Stylista- from the Search.Style.Snap-ionary

Stylista (noun) : a super duper dope chick who move to the rhythm of their own drum. A chick who does not run and cop something just because the fashion bloggers are talking about it. A Chick who puts things together and it looks good- because their confidence and personality shines right through. A chick who break all fashion rules and create their own.

Examples of Stylistas:

Solange is definitely a true Stylista. She rocks whatever she wants, but the way she styles her fits make you fall in love with her style. Her personality shines through out her fits and I love it.

She mixes up patterns, fabrics, and colors. She takes risk and makes it all come together while creating a stylicious forward look. She is one of my stylista heroes.

Another Stylista I look up to style wise is Kate Lanphear- for those of you who do not know this style genius- she is the Senior Style Editor of Elle Magazine (US).
She is definitely Rocker Chic in her signature color: Black. She is poppin'.

Kate is one of the many fashion geniuses behind Elle Mag. and you can understand why.... She ROCKS!!! her style is ridiculous, she screams Rocker and it shows through out fits

Do you guys have any stylista heroes?
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Source: for photos StyleSight.com and Google Images

Style Obessed: Rihanna paint splatter jeans

Hey Guys-

Because I am Rihanna style obsessed, I see daily pics of the Fashionista and I always ask---- "What does she have on?"

I took a trip over to Rihannadaily and found out what those white paint platter jeans she had on...

According to Rihannadaily: Rihanna is rocking the Paige- "Skyline 10" Skinny in Cosmos" skinny jeans

I love these jeans! Poppin!

Until Next Time
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Source: Rihannadaily.com

My Fashion Life: MY BDAY WEEKEND

Heeey Guys!!!

I missed yall!!

Well if some of you didn't know I was in Miami this pass weekend celebrating my Birthday!

I had a blast- so relaxing and amazing weather.

Note: If you guys are planning to hit up Miami- stay at the Mondrian! SWEET!

Day One in the Yami: Straight off the plane we checked in then hit the strip! Nothing like a human size Margarita to set the day off right! lol

I couldn't finish this off- needed some help! Code 10- Man down- in my Frankie voice. lol

Then we hit the pool for a quick swim and some sun (kinda).

After the short swim break we jumped up to show Fabolous some love. He was performing at the Gansevoort Hotel. He was down in the Yami promoting his New Reebok sneaker deal. That boy trying to become a brand... nice!

I like those Shotties Fab!

Check out of video footage- you can hear me singing in the background! I sound sooo bad!

We were sooo tried from the flight, drinking, swimming and the concert... we didn't even make it to Club Mansion that night... Two ol' heads! lol

Day Two in the Yami: We kicked it poolside at the Telly. Our Hotel is right on the Flamingo Bay... sooo pretty.

Had to get a drink before I took a swim....

(Room was sooo junkie)

After chilling poolside- we decided to hit the strip- Wet Wellies here we come.

We made a cameo at the Dash store- 8th and Washington ave. I'm not FAN of the store- and it pains me to say that because I like the Kardashian sisters.... ehhh.

We hit up Philippe Restaurant at the Ganesvoort- We didn't take any pics from the restaurant- but it was poppin! My Bday dinner!

After falling alseep the night before we were not going to be "Tardy for the Party" this night. (lol)

Patron shots poppin' before we hit the club....

Club Dream was an Epic fail- and these bastards charged $100.00 for the drinks! Can't wait to curse them out and put in a claim at the bank!!! *I will show them*

Day Three in Yami: My hair was looking crazy by this day- but it was cool- "I'm in Miami B*TCH"!! lol *I like that song*

One of the best things about staying at a poppin' hotel- you really have no reason to leave the spot. The hotel through a poppin pool party.... and yes the Thong Bikini was in full effect! :)

I was alittle bashful but I said- I was going to do it---

We literally stayed at this party all day- it was over-poppin!

We spotted Kevin Federline- OMG!!!! HE IS HUGE!!!! UUGGHHHH- not cute at all!!!
Day Four in the Yami: I didn't take any photos- but it was my BIRTHDAY!!!!!
I know- How I don't take pics on my bday!!!?? smh!!

We had to KISS YAMI goodbye!!!! Had a GREAT TRIP!!!!

Did you guys go on any vacations this summer- send me some pics- share!!!
Until Next Time
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