Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BluePrint 3 leakage

Ok- I wouldn't normally do this- but I let me brother download "BluePrint 3" and put it on my ipizzy today.

I would NEVER download Jay's album- but I was very eager and couldn't wait for the release date!

Everyone knows- I'm a die hard Jay fan.

So what do I think....

I think he has a solid album. I actually like ALL tracks. I heard the album one time straight through and I bopped to every joint.

My favorite so far is "Empire State of Mind" ft. Alicia Keys....

Track makes me want to Rock a Blue Yankee hahaha
I will be purchasing my copy of Blue Print 3 Sept. 11th.
Next Week Tuesday- tics for Jay-Z charity concert at Madison Square Garden goes on sale!!!
I will have my money waiting- because I will BE at that concert!!!! :)
Until Next time
same place tomorrow
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  1. You and me both, I love Jay. And the Chicago concert was all that!!!