Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dope Sunnies: Mosley Tribes & Crooks and Castles


I was over at UpscaleHype and they report that Jay-Z is rocking the Mosley Tribes & Crooks and Castles "Castello" Sunnies.

These are tough!

You know I love a pair of Sunnies... I'm like a sunnie addict.

Fellow Brooklyn Rapper Fab rocks them too

Do you like?

Me Likey!!!


Dope Style: Puffer Vest

I've always enjoyed seeing a stylicous dude rocking a puffer vest!

Though I am SOOOO OVER Monclers.... I actually Like this Vest.

I don't think I love the matchy pom pom hat- but I do like the idea of a Pom Pom hat- maybe a solid red or black would of sent this semi winter look free!!!

Despite Nas being from Queens... I always LOVED Nas' streetwear style.
(that queens part is a joke- I know Like 4 guys form Queens who can dress their ass off lol)

Styling tip:  If you opt for a puffer vest, jump out the window and try a plaid pattern- or plaid accents.
Brings a lilttle flavor and character to this oldie but gooddie style.

The Gap has this great option- (My bf might kill me- he wants this jacket... hahaha)

Do you like that Moncler Vest Nas is wearing?



Dope Style: Stars Love Lanvin High Tops

The Hip Hoppers LOVE Lanvin Sneaks!!!!

I do too!!! I posted Lanvin sneaks before- but I want to emphasis... if you can... splurging on footwear is essential especially a timeless classic silhouette, for example a Loubie Black pump. The black pump WILL NEVER go out of style.
Another example the Lanvin High Top sneaker- this silhouette of a sneaker will NEVER go out of style. If you are wise and invest in a neutral color (Black, white, beige, grey) you will be able to break these sneakers out years to come.

Jay-z, Jermaine Dupri, Kanye and Usher all love the Lanvin High-tops....
EVEN our First Lady Michelle Obama :)

I Heart these denim ones.

What I like about these sneakers is it's a versatile sneaker. You can actually throw these sneakers on with ANYTHING- sweats, trousers, jeans, etc.

I do not mean run out and purchase a pair of Lanvins, my point is investing in timeless pieces- signature pieces, so this is not limited to Lanvin, but I mean fashion sneakers, like, Kenneth Cole have great fashion high top sneakers, Gucci, Louie, etc.

What do you guys think? Do you like the Lanvin High Tops?

P.S you can always wait for the Barney's Warehouse sale to cop you a pair of Lanvins at a recessionisto price tag :)


Source: Google images, upscalehype

Style Inspiration: JayZ's Jackets

Hey Stylistos-

I was rummaging through my million and one images and came across a couple of Jay-Z photos.

As I looked through them I seen one consistent element... this man wears DOPE jackets.
You can say whatever you want about this Hip Hop mogul's style, but when it comes to his accessories and his jackets- he scores every time.

I'm always an advocate of looking for deals and an advocate of not necessarily having to splurge or invest in tops or bottoms, but when it comes to Jackets or coats. I believe it's very necessary.

Always investing in timeless silhouettes and styles are essential to one's style.

It is plain to see, regardless of Jay's denim choices or the length and "bagginess" to his jeans or type of shirt, or his un-comber hair, his jackets always does the talking.

I suggest in going jacket shopping one of these days- do a fashion stake-out and look for timeless styles. Styles you can invest in and every Fall/Winter season you can break them out and pair it with any "at the moment" trend and you will be fashionable all the time.

I always say.... a MEAN jacket will be the focal point of your outfit. Your fit must meet back to your jacket.