Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dope Sunnies: Mosley Tribes & Crooks and Castles


I was over at UpscaleHype and they report that Jay-Z is rocking the Mosley Tribes & Crooks and Castles "Castello" Sunnies.

These are tough!

You know I love a pair of Sunnies... I'm like a sunnie addict.

Fellow Brooklyn Rapper Fab rocks them too

Do you like?

Me Likey!!!


Dope Style: Puffer Vest

I've always enjoyed seeing a stylicous dude rocking a puffer vest!

Though I am SOOOO OVER Monclers.... I actually Like this Vest.

I don't think I love the matchy pom pom hat- but I do like the idea of a Pom Pom hat- maybe a solid red or black would of sent this semi winter look free!!!

Despite Nas being from Queens... I always LOVED Nas' streetwear style.
(that queens part is a joke- I know Like 4 guys form Queens who can dress their ass off lol)

Styling tip:  If you opt for a puffer vest, jump out the window and try a plaid pattern- or plaid accents.
Brings a lilttle flavor and character to this oldie but gooddie style.

The Gap has this great option- (My bf might kill me- he wants this jacket... hahaha)

Do you like that Moncler Vest Nas is wearing?



Dope Style: Stars Love Lanvin High Tops

The Hip Hoppers LOVE Lanvin Sneaks!!!!

I do too!!! I posted Lanvin sneaks before- but I want to emphasis... if you can... splurging on footwear is essential especially a timeless classic silhouette, for example a Loubie Black pump. The black pump WILL NEVER go out of style.
Another example the Lanvin High Top sneaker- this silhouette of a sneaker will NEVER go out of style. If you are wise and invest in a neutral color (Black, white, beige, grey) you will be able to break these sneakers out years to come.

Jay-z, Jermaine Dupri, Kanye and Usher all love the Lanvin High-tops....
EVEN our First Lady Michelle Obama :)

I Heart these denim ones.

What I like about these sneakers is it's a versatile sneaker. You can actually throw these sneakers on with ANYTHING- sweats, trousers, jeans, etc.

I do not mean run out and purchase a pair of Lanvins, my point is investing in timeless pieces- signature pieces, so this is not limited to Lanvin, but I mean fashion sneakers, like, Kenneth Cole have great fashion high top sneakers, Gucci, Louie, etc.

What do you guys think? Do you like the Lanvin High Tops?

P.S you can always wait for the Barney's Warehouse sale to cop you a pair of Lanvins at a recessionisto price tag :)


Source: Google images, upscalehype

Style Inspiration: JayZ's Jackets

Hey Stylistos-

I was rummaging through my million and one images and came across a couple of Jay-Z photos.

As I looked through them I seen one consistent element... this man wears DOPE jackets.
You can say whatever you want about this Hip Hop mogul's style, but when it comes to his accessories and his jackets- he scores every time.

I'm always an advocate of looking for deals and an advocate of not necessarily having to splurge or invest in tops or bottoms, but when it comes to Jackets or coats. I believe it's very necessary.

Always investing in timeless silhouettes and styles are essential to one's style.

It is plain to see, regardless of Jay's denim choices or the length and "bagginess" to his jeans or type of shirt, or his un-comber hair, his jackets always does the talking.

I suggest in going jacket shopping one of these days- do a fashion stake-out and look for timeless styles. Styles you can invest in and every Fall/Winter season you can break them out and pair it with any "at the moment" trend and you will be fashionable all the time.

I always say.... a MEAN jacket will be the focal point of your outfit. Your fit must meet back to your jacket.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Rocker Chic- Pregnant Edition

All I know is, I BETTER look like this when I get preggers…..

If I don't I’m going to raise all HELL!!!

Pregnant Rocker Chic.

Gisele completes her Uber cool rocker look with a dope pair of black moto boots, a light weight black leather jacket, skinny pants, a vintage tee, and you can’t forget a pair of Ray Bans.

Any pregnant readers out there- to get Gisele’s look you can fish this whole look at Zara-
I seen the DOPEST pair of moto boots in there the other day.
You can also get a light weight faux leather jacket at Zara at a booming $80.00… Poppin right!

Any Vintage store to cop you a vintage tee. Try an old Rock band, and if you want to be EXTRA cool- wear it inside out ;)

Gisele looks smoking- what you think?


Fashionista VS. Recessionista: Balmain is the Inspiration

Bebe don't be playing!!! Bebe is the recessionista's Mecca to high fahsion on a dollar buck.  Some times they don't quite get it, but this Balmain inspired jacket is actually pretty cute.

what do you think?


Friday, October 23, 2009

Kiddie Style: Weekend Inspiration (Part One)

Hey Readers-

Last week I introduced a new section of Search.Style.Snap called Kiddie Style. a section where I dedicate a post to my growing stylistas and stylistos.
Today I present... Kiddie Style: Weekend Inspiration (Part one)

What inspired this post was the upcoming kid parties I'm invited to; so I said what the hell- let me post some great kiddie fit inspiration for you moms and dads--- or aunts, uncles, god fathers and god mothers.... :)

I went through the Gap's website and kind of went bizirk (and J.crew's website was bugging)! Tho there are other kid stores out there like, Gymboree, J.Crew, Bellini, H&M, Children's Place, Ralph Lauren, etc... I believe Gap really understands how to dress a kid on a great budget.  They have the cutest items for kids and you will never have to dip into your 401K to purchase.

Side Bar:  Im not a firm believer in spending ridiculous amount of money on kids clothes- Kid's grow up soo fast -you have to keep dishing out large money for an outfit.  I never understood the mom who went out to Burberry or Gucci to cop outfits... it's soo stupid.... only in the Hood....


Check out my favs on the site and how I paired them up for our lil stylisto :)

This is a great inspiration set for the older little boy.  The little boy who aspires to be his Father.  The little boy who is starting to dress himself, develop and understand what he likes, what he dislikes.  I like the play of red, grey, black and white.  Whether it be stripes or plaid, this is defintiely a stylisto in the making fit.

This inspiration is for the younger brother who loves colors and still in the "climbing everything insight" stage.  Green, brown and orange gives off a very Fall look and nature inspired ensemble.  Your little boy will turn heads with these colors and patterns.

This set is one of my favorite.  Gap really understands the need for Grey this fall.  mixing and matching plaid and stripes are cool for little kids.  When dressing your kid in these mature colors like Grey and black you want to add a POP color.  Royal Blue is a great pop color for a little boy.

For the older boy, grey and black can work.  Balancing your layering will set this ensemble style free.  Adding a Pea-coat to this rather sporty look makes it great for a day out with the parents, to the movies, birthday party or Shopping.
All these items I found at
Cute Eh?

Look out for part two today for my little stylistas....
Gap has Leopard for little girls!!! awww.....


Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Fashion Life: Inspiration Boards

Currently I'm reading Who What Wear- Celebrity and Runway Style for Real Life, by the two founders of Who What Wear Daily. (If you are not signed up or have been living under a rock- go right now a subscribe- great daily newsletter- strictly for the fashion obsessed)

Ok anywho... I'm at the section where they teach their readers how to identify their style... and It had me thinking- I do not know my style-- I'm sooo all over the place. People ask me all the time- and I could never give a straight up answer... so I'm going to do the exercise to try and narrow it down.

The two authors suggest creating an inspiration board.....

Which should be easy- in my line of work I create inspiration/story boards ALL the time. This exercise might not help me identify my style, but it definitely will give me inspiration for the winter and up coming seasons, also it will provide much needed inspiration for Search.Style.Snap and upcoming photo shoots I have lined up... and most important it will inspire me for my line I'm starting. 

So for the next month I will be gathering- fabrics, collecting photos, and cutting out editorials pages for my style inspiration boards.

Anyone up for creating one with me.  It will be fun.

You can add anything to your board- remember nothing is off limits, embrace fanatasy, and follow your instincts.  Try it- I promise you it will be fun.

At the end of the month I will upload some pics of my board.


Eye Candy: Isabel Marant Booties


Don't you agree???

Steve Madden have a pair- and Intermix have an even better pair- for less than $300.00 (Seriously I was just at Intermix yesterday-hahah)


Stylistos: More Biker Jackets

Hey dudes!!! (hahahah)

I was over at HypeBeast and spotted another cool Biker Jacket option for you guys.

American leather jacket brand Schott has been the object of affection for musicians and bikers alike as nano・universe GROUNDFLOOR put their mark on the original Perfecto zippered leather jacket. The nano・universe GROUNDFLOOR version features a black satin lining, a high-quality nickel silver zipper and a more fitted silhouette and will be available at the end of October.

I'm in- looks good fellas.


Fashionista VS. Recessionista: Balmain

Hey readers-

Another edition of Recessionista VS. Fashionista- but this week I flipped it- it's Fashionista VS. Recessionista.

In the left I have the celeb FAV denim Balmain Jacket.  Rihanna stunned on-lookers as she strutted the streets being snapped in the Denim power shoulder jacket.

In the Right we have a very cute look alike from

I swoon over Balmain and I pray some nights one day I would be able to be fortunate enough to cop one of these babies- but the recessionista option is not half bad, it's actually kind of cute!  At a smashing $85.00- why the hell not!

Head over to YesStyle to see other colorways.

which one is your pick?


Excited about Spring and Summer!!!

I was reviewing some of the spring/summer 2010 fashion shows and I know it’s a bit too early but I’m looking forward to Spring;

My reasons:

Bondage Dress

This upcoming spring/summer collections are bringing sexy back with shorter hemlines, cropped tops and the bondage dress. The Mummy inspiration is here and I’m looking forward. Its an update to celeb fav Hervé Léger dress.

Updated Biker

The biker still will be an essential item, carrying over to next spring with many updates shown on the catwalks. I like the panel and quilted details from Alexander Wang and TopShop Unique.

The Cropped Gilet

This dope lil silhouette made its way down a couple of catwalks, like Twenty8Twelve, TopShop Unique and Costume National. This will be the perfect seasonal layering piece. I can definitely see this in leather or denim- or both (#alexander wang-ish)

Draped Dress
I’ve always loved the draped dress. It gives you a soft, feminine, romantic look. Seen going down the Givenchy and Chloe catwalk.


Military look has always been a fav. The crest metal trim and structured outwear is beautiful. Military jackets are updated for spring/summer, with dressier “parade” styles featuring decorative hardware detailing.

Sweatshirt dress

Around for a few seasons now - Alexander Wang update with sheer panels for a more SEXY look, while Palu & Joe opted for a sloppy off-the-shoulder flow.  Great for the early summer BBQ’s- can dress down with some converse or dress up with cute peep toe sandals with belt.

Scuba dress
The new body-con dress: use bonded jerseys and high-stretch fabrications, panel-cut to enhance curves. Add a color pop with contrast piping to enhance the sporty feel. I sooo can see my girlfriend Amber Rose in something like this.

I'm exicted!! Are you?



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pnkelephant Accessories: $5 Dollar Wednesday Reminder

Just a reminder-

Ladies don’t forget to go on Pnkelephant and cop your $5 dollar item tomorrow (10/21).
This week the lovely ladies are selling the Slate necklace.

As soon as I seen it, it was a must have-
And it also reminded me of the statement necklace Keri Hilson wore to the BCBG show during New York Fashion Week back in September.



South of her Ankles

Reveal who Killer Booties these are after the jump

Jimmy Choo for H&M

I know you guys heard the DOPE Fashion News that has been circuling for quite some time- Jimmy Choo collection for H&M…

Well girls start saving up- the accessory collection will not have your typical H&M price tag, however if you ever dreamed of owning a pair of Jimmy Choos’ this is the time to cop….

FYI the over-the-knee boot is $300. This is a great price for a Jimmy Choo creation.

Don’t forget the collection debuts Nov. 14th. I could only imagine that line being wrapped around the corner….


Style Du Jour: Kim Kardashian

Last week I took a look at Kate Moss’ style- this week I want to give stylicious props to Kim Kardashian. My fav reality star! (I swear this chick is black lol)

With a BANGING body, Kim continues to amaze me with her simple but VERY chic fashion choices. I like Kim’s style because it’s very much like my own, minus the Loubies, Balencia bags, Chanel clutches, YSL tribute pumps, and beautiful expensive dresses…. I’m a simple girl but I still come across chic.  Kim’s can make a pair of jeans and a blazer look so chic and Very sexy.

But to our surprise, Kim shops at H&M for clothes and Forever 21 for her accessories.

Take a look at some of my favorite looks of her from red carpet events, to night on the town, to pumping gas….

Kim has been working this strong trend we witnessed on the runways lately, the asymmetrical look. This look is one of those oldie but goodie trends- but Kim rocks it well. The asymmetrical look is very sexy- remember ladies the shoulders get love too! Being sexy doesn’t mean to show off the twins or hiking the skirt up to your… well you know what…. Lol

Kim loves her LBD dress, but what makes every LDB debut different from the last- the silhouette. Ladies try to not opt of the same LDB silhouette. Switch it up- go for one shoulder, Tube dress, Sweet-heart neckline, Long, Short,… well you get my drift.

Kims loves her white dress, I was never a fan of white dresses, but Kim makes me re-think. Not saying I will opt for a white dress, but I will no longer turn them down without a try.

Every woman should own a black blazer. It screams chic and you can pair your blazer with ANYTHING and the result is Uber dopeness.

Do you guys like Kim K's Style??
Which one is your favorite look?


Stylistos: Geek Chic

I'm actually very proud of myself.  Instead of doing my picture postings in PowerPoint- or posting each picture individually- I upgraded to learning Microsft Paint.  I feel I just tossed out my crayons and construction paper for some sketch paper and color pencils! hahaha. 

I was sick of the juvenile pic postings I was given yall!!!... See I love my readers! You guys deserve nothing but the best.

Next self tutorial- Illustrator!... YIKES!!! That's when I will be POPPIN!!!!

Newho.... today I was exploring the wonderful world of Geek Chic.  This is a movement that we’ve seen come alive across both genders.  We've seen it a lot express by Hollywood Actors, but thanks to Pharell, Andre 3Stacks and Kanye- the hip hoppers and R&B cats are rocking it too.

Last week I was browsing the blogs and seen Bobby V was catching some slack on his Geek Chic style- I actually LOVED how he looked.  I dont think he was trying too hard to get the look, it actually looks very balanced and natural.

He opted for a sweater vest- verses the cardy and substituted a regular tie for a bow tie.  I like the mix pattern of the button up and plaid tie.  This balanced his look.  I like the choice of a solid vest.  It calmed his mix match patterns.

Well done Bobby! :)

You can substitute your cardy for a vest.  It's equally cute.  Finding a cute print Vest will add personality to your geek chic Style.  I love the "Life Guard" vest from Ralph Laruen.  A Button vest is a great choice as well.  It gives your look a laid back feel.

I do not see too many people rocking the suspenders to execute their geek chic look.  Maybe you guys should try it.  Andre 3000 is a suspender rocker and he kills it every time- use Andre 3stacks for inspiration.

Of course the Collegiate look Cardy is the right move.  Rugby is a great source to get your collegiate style cardigan.  I went to Rugby and customized this great navy blue cardigan with my BF's initials.  How cute is that???....  You do not necessarily have to pair your cardy with a button up, you can layer it with a v-neck tee or crew neck tee. 

The Bow-Tie is very tricky- not everyone can pull this off.  But I love pattern ties.  The skull heads on the RL bow tie is the cutest.  Try to find fun stripes, eye popping colors or cool polka dots.  When executing the bow-tie try not to take yourself too seriously.  Last week I was meeting a good friend of mine (His name is Jason- Dope Boys check is Blog out) and he paired his Bow Tie with a mix match pattern button up and a worn/washed Aerocrombie pull over hoodie.  VERY DOPE!

Last but not least, that Urkel Glasses.  My fav are the Cazals.  I have a pair and I LOVE THEM!!! As of right now, the dark lens are in, but as it gets cold I always change the lens back to clear.  I love the oversize, but you do not have to choose the oversize to get the look, a great small frame can definitely take you there as well.

Fellas are you into the Geek Chic movement?

I always say try something once, you do not have to adopt that into your everyday style- but switching it up is always cool!