Monday, December 21, 2009

Fuji Instant Cam

This is the cutest...
I'm not big on electronics and I do not know if the brand name 'Fuji' is a top of the line brand... however I do love this little instant picture camera...

Remember a while back I was searching for a polaroid cam... this is a good substitute

Found this on Urban Outfitters... if you guys are shopping for a late x-mas gift for me... you can get this.... hahahah


Stylisto: Adidas Highrise

Hey fellas- I was told I neglect the fellas- but today, December 21st- I pledge to pay more attention- I want to dedicate atleast one post a day (well the days I do post) to you fellas.... deal?


Because I am an x-sneaker head and I do believe guys should have a dope sneaker collection- even if you prefer to rock your hard bottoms- its a staple I think every guy should have....  couple of decent/dope sneakers... #Myopinion... with that said...

For the Spring 2010 season, Adidas Originals is introducing one of their most premium shoes yet, the Highrise sneaker ($80). The Highrise sneakers are now available in Europe, but for the US and everywhere else, you’ll have to wait until January next year

These are pretty dope- The suede and leather mix gives the sneaker a high fashion appeal- which I greatly appreciate.
It's the details that make this sneaker HAUTE- check out the perforated signature 3 stripe .... NIICCEEE...

What you think?