Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pnkelephant Accessories: $5 Dollar Wednesday Reminder

Just a reminder-

Ladies don’t forget to go on Pnkelephant and cop your $5 dollar item tomorrow (10/21).
This week the lovely ladies are selling the Slate necklace.

As soon as I seen it, it was a must have-
And it also reminded me of the statement necklace Keri Hilson wore to the BCBG show during New York Fashion Week back in September.



South of her Ankles

Reveal who Killer Booties these are after the jump

Jimmy Choo for H&M

I know you guys heard the DOPE Fashion News that has been circuling for quite some time- Jimmy Choo collection for H&M…

Well girls start saving up- the accessory collection will not have your typical H&M price tag, however if you ever dreamed of owning a pair of Jimmy Choos’ this is the time to cop….

FYI the over-the-knee boot is $300. This is a great price for a Jimmy Choo creation.

Don’t forget the collection debuts Nov. 14th. I could only imagine that line being wrapped around the corner….


Style Du Jour: Kim Kardashian

Last week I took a look at Kate Moss’ style- this week I want to give stylicious props to Kim Kardashian. My fav reality star! (I swear this chick is black lol)

With a BANGING body, Kim continues to amaze me with her simple but VERY chic fashion choices. I like Kim’s style because it’s very much like my own, minus the Loubies, Balencia bags, Chanel clutches, YSL tribute pumps, and beautiful expensive dresses…. I’m a simple girl but I still come across chic.  Kim’s can make a pair of jeans and a blazer look so chic and Very sexy.

But to our surprise, Kim shops at H&M for clothes and Forever 21 for her accessories.

Take a look at some of my favorite looks of her from red carpet events, to night on the town, to pumping gas….

Kim has been working this strong trend we witnessed on the runways lately, the asymmetrical look. This look is one of those oldie but goodie trends- but Kim rocks it well. The asymmetrical look is very sexy- remember ladies the shoulders get love too! Being sexy doesn’t mean to show off the twins or hiking the skirt up to your… well you know what…. Lol

Kim loves her LBD dress, but what makes every LDB debut different from the last- the silhouette. Ladies try to not opt of the same LDB silhouette. Switch it up- go for one shoulder, Tube dress, Sweet-heart neckline, Long, Short,… well you get my drift.

Kims loves her white dress, I was never a fan of white dresses, but Kim makes me re-think. Not saying I will opt for a white dress, but I will no longer turn them down without a try.

Every woman should own a black blazer. It screams chic and you can pair your blazer with ANYTHING and the result is Uber dopeness.

Do you guys like Kim K's Style??
Which one is your favorite look?


Stylistos: Geek Chic

I'm actually very proud of myself.  Instead of doing my picture postings in PowerPoint- or posting each picture individually- I upgraded to learning Microsft Paint.  I feel I just tossed out my crayons and construction paper for some sketch paper and color pencils! hahaha. 

I was sick of the juvenile pic postings I was given yall!!!... See I love my readers! You guys deserve nothing but the best.

Next self tutorial- Illustrator!... YIKES!!! That's when I will be POPPIN!!!!

Newho.... today I was exploring the wonderful world of Geek Chic.  This is a movement that we’ve seen come alive across both genders.  We've seen it a lot express by Hollywood Actors, but thanks to Pharell, Andre 3Stacks and Kanye- the hip hoppers and R&B cats are rocking it too.

Last week I was browsing the blogs and seen Bobby V was catching some slack on his Geek Chic style- I actually LOVED how he looked.  I dont think he was trying too hard to get the look, it actually looks very balanced and natural.

He opted for a sweater vest- verses the cardy and substituted a regular tie for a bow tie.  I like the mix pattern of the button up and plaid tie.  This balanced his look.  I like the choice of a solid vest.  It calmed his mix match patterns.

Well done Bobby! :)

You can substitute your cardy for a vest.  It's equally cute.  Finding a cute print Vest will add personality to your geek chic Style.  I love the "Life Guard" vest from Ralph Laruen.  A Button vest is a great choice as well.  It gives your look a laid back feel.

I do not see too many people rocking the suspenders to execute their geek chic look.  Maybe you guys should try it.  Andre 3000 is a suspender rocker and he kills it every time- use Andre 3stacks for inspiration.

Of course the Collegiate look Cardy is the right move.  Rugby is a great source to get your collegiate style cardigan.  I went to Rugby and customized this great navy blue cardigan with my BF's initials.  How cute is that???....  You do not necessarily have to pair your cardy with a button up, you can layer it with a v-neck tee or crew neck tee. 

The Bow-Tie is very tricky- not everyone can pull this off.  But I love pattern ties.  The skull heads on the RL bow tie is the cutest.  Try to find fun stripes, eye popping colors or cool polka dots.  When executing the bow-tie try not to take yourself too seriously.  Last week I was meeting a good friend of mine (His name is Jason- Dope Boys check is Blog out) and he paired his Bow Tie with a mix match pattern button up and a worn/washed Aerocrombie pull over hoodie.  VERY DOPE!

Last but not least, that Urkel Glasses.  My fav are the Cazals.  I have a pair and I LOVE THEM!!! As of right now, the dark lens are in, but as it gets cold I always change the lens back to clear.  I love the oversize, but you do not have to choose the oversize to get the look, a great small frame can definitely take you there as well.

Fellas are you into the Geek Chic movement?

I always say try something once, you do not have to adopt that into your everyday style- but switching it up is always cool!