Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Leotard- by Chanel Iman

Take notes... now thats how you rock a leotard!!!
Bish is sooo fierce!


Someone Call the Doc.

I'm soooo not falling into this trend... Dr. Marten.  I use to own a pair in elementry school with my uniform.  At the time I LOVED my Docs.  Now not so much....

This Bish makes me want a pair... lmao... DAmn you Rihanna!!!

Are you guys into the Dr. Martens


Noir Jewelry

Love Muffins!!!

I was reading Harper's Bazaar this month and I noticed some dope rings- brand: Noir Jewelry.  *gasping for fashion air... (i know that was corny ;p)

The jewlery line is actually affordable- i mean some are like $300.00, but the rings range from $30.00~ $100.00.

I love it! My favorite is the BK bridge!!! How Brooklyn is that??!!
You can see your stylicious stars rocking Noir, like Rih Rih, Fergie, J.Lo, Gaga, and Katy Perry... just to name a few....

Check it out- go to


Funky. Dope. Fresh.

Hey fellas-

I was on upscalehype and they posted a cool 5-panel fitted hat designed by Ibn Jasper- Kanye's image consultant- I posted about him a couple of weeks ago-

He joined forces with Quintin hat company to design a 5 panel hat- inspired by Ye's LV sneaks. Ibn describes the hats as being “clean and classy and for the person who wants a nice hat without it looking like a baseball cap”. The hats will be made available exclusively at RSVP Gallery in Chicago on December 15th.

At one point I was a hat girl- I wore a hat almost every day- even when my hair was done- I still love hats- but I do not wear as much.  I would TOTALLY rock this cap!  iots pretty dope!

Fellas what you think?


Do you Remember.....

Do you guys remember Ally Hilfiger from the MTV show Rich Girls???

I loved her in this show.  I always loved her style... She's all grown up- when I was working for Tommy Hilfiger- I use to see her walking the floor and she would sneak a peek at our trend boards... I wonder if she i deisnging for the Tommy brand....


You can not tell- but she has on a cropped fur vest... Niiicce.
Love the shoes!

I miss Ally- she needs to re-surface... she was hilarious on the show too.

Do you guys remember Ally?


Magazine Madness: Rachel Bilson for Asos Mag

Did you guys know Asos had a cyber magazine that comes out every month and you can flip the virtual pages.... I didn't know either.  So popping!

Rachel Bilson is this month's cover girl.  Definitely one of my fav stylistas- I only miss the O.C because of her!!!  She rocks!!!

The 'Supertrash' leather moto jacket with the power shoulders... GAGS!!! sooo HAWTE!!! This walking fashion canvas can make anything look dope! Heart her!!

Go to and take a look at the mag- its pretty dope- I read all the pages!!!


Random Fashion Thoughts: Fashion and Cigarettes

You guys know by now I am a fashion junkie, magazine reading, styling editorial whore.... I love analyzing and looking at great styling editorial shoots. What I've been wondering is the cigarette posing. I HATE cigarettes and would never use them in my shoots. I'm just trying to find the connection- Cigarettes actually give you yellow teeth, bad breathe, makes your clothes smell, dark circles around the eyes, lung cancer, etc.... none of which is synonymous with fashion and beauty... lmao...

So it boggles my mind when you have great editorials- then stick a cigarette into the model's mouth... hmmm...

Are cigarettes high fashion???? Does this bring a "cool" factor into the shoot???

Very weird...

Though you will not see as much of editorials with cigarette props nowadays- maybe because of the banning of public smoking in restaurants and all the "Stop Smoking" campaigns- it is slowly moving out of the fashion world- but I still see a few.... you should be non-existent!!!

Just a random thought...


GAGS: Fur Vest

My Dope Readers


I've missed yall... alll jokes aside- soo not joking, whats happening???
How was everyone's Thanksgiving- mine was super dope!!! Spent time with family and friends! Im thankful for all of them and definitely you!!!

anywho.... back to fashion blogging....

I was online and ran into this fur vest.

Yes this season's rave is all about the Faux Fur Vest--- but I'm swooning over the REAL FUR vest.

This leather vest with Fur trim is to DIE for!!!!  I've always been a fur/mink kind of gal.  You can sooo rock this down or glam it up!!! I'm think skinny jeans- strappy moto boots or booties and a plaid shirt... SICK!!Love the animals- but I HEART fur.  I was in Atrium during the holiday break and seen this BADASS fox fur vest.  GAGS!!!
I do not know the brand- I seen it on but I wonder if I can get something like this made... hmmmmmm

This is a different approach to the fur vest and I like the suede.  Something about brushed suede on the skin is yummy!!! You can find this baby from Opening Ceremony.

Fashion gals- do you love?