Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Fashion Thoughts: Fashion and Cigarettes

You guys know by now I am a fashion junkie, magazine reading, styling editorial whore.... I love analyzing and looking at great styling editorial shoots. What I've been wondering is the cigarette posing. I HATE cigarettes and would never use them in my shoots. I'm just trying to find the connection- Cigarettes actually give you yellow teeth, bad breathe, makes your clothes smell, dark circles around the eyes, lung cancer, etc.... none of which is synonymous with fashion and beauty... lmao...

So it boggles my mind when you have great editorials- then stick a cigarette into the model's mouth... hmmm...

Are cigarettes high fashion???? Does this bring a "cool" factor into the shoot???

Very weird...

Though you will not see as much of editorials with cigarette props nowadays- maybe because of the banning of public smoking in restaurants and all the "Stop Smoking" campaigns- it is slowly moving out of the fashion world- but I still see a few.... you should be non-existent!!!

Just a random thought...



  1. Cigarettes are synonymous with fashion, especially high fashion. As an on again off again smoker, I can understand the usage despite the side effects. Cigarettes suppress your appetite, therefor, you can maintain/achieve a lower weight, and they help to control your appetite. Couture fashion has some of the thinnest models out there, so cigarette usage is just second nature.

  2. Chee, I am with you on this one, I hate cancer sticks...but for some reason it has always been seen as sexy and it is not...actually for me it is the biggest turnoff!