Friday, September 25, 2009

Black Out: Men's All Black Watches

Hey Stylistos-

I was getting a lot of comments on the Michael Kors watch I posted yesterday from my fellas.

I was surfing the web and posted 6 great Chee approved All Black watches for mens.

The prices range from $200.00 - $7,000...

Any guesses on which one cost 7 Stacks????

Vestal Plexi




What do you thinks think? You can click the link and it will re-route you to see more options.

Happy Shopping!

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Fall Fashion: Hunter in Leather....

Hey Stylistas!!!

This Fall season Hunter has made the transition of exploring water resistant leather and suede boots. I'm excited... you guys do not understand, so many outfits changed due to the unexpectant rainfall and I have to opt for rubber boots.... I be damned if I mess up my leather or suede boots!
I heart these because they resemble the riding boot (Which is my fav footwear int he Fall and Winter months) and they have a small heel to give us ladies some height.

All of hunter leather and suede boots will be made in Italy and will retail between $225 to $525. Italy has some of the finest Leather. Great Quailty. Your fav handbag brands get their leather from Italy- hence the huge price tag... you have to pay for quailty people!!!

I love thee two looks-

Hunter was started in 1856 by Henry Lee Norris in Scotland. The company saw increased demand for its Wellington boots due to WWI and the iconic original Green Wellington boot was made in 1955. ----> Just a lil fashion history for you ;)

During the wet weather do you guys have a favorite pair of footwear you wear?
  • I have a GREAT pair of patent Leather wedge heel knew length boots from Aerosoles... YES!!! Aerosoles.. you couldn't believe it, but I get SOOOOO many compliments and "Where did you get them from" comments.... Perfect for the Rain
  • And I have a pair of signature C Coach Rain boots... I know GAG!!! but I was working for the company at the time... what do you want from me!!!??? ahahah (I do bust them out occasionally lol)

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Source: Elle Mag