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Festive Eyes!

Holiday peepers should dazzle and sparkle. Bringing attention to your eyes really ups your glam factor! It's a great time to play around with extra eye enhancing accessories ie. faux lashes, glitter, colorful liners, etc.. Plus, depending on your amount of cocktail consumption, you don't have to worry about retouching, as apposed to sporting a bold lip!

Here are some fun choices to play around with for your Holiday outings:

For starters....

Urban Decay Shadow Primer Potion ($17.00)
*I have mentioned this product before and the cult following that it has. It really is a key player to maintaining your eye looks. Think about it...don't we prime our walls before we apply the paint? It's because primer acts as an adhesive, provides longer wear and a better color payoff to the finished product. Whether you have oily, combination or dry skin, the eyelid produces oil that, without a barrier between your skin and your make up, will "bleed" through your shadow. As a result, your eyeshadow will crease, thin out and become very sheer or eventually (depending on the shade) disappear. Don't waste your time creating a beautiful eye look that doesn't last past your first cocktail! Take the extra 5's totally worth it!

MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer ($16.50)
* Another great trick for fab eyes is using a full coverage concealer on top of your primer. I use a MAC concealer, but you can use one that works best for you. Just make sure that it has a matte finish and that the color blends seemlessly. I like MAC's because it is highly concentrated (a little goes a long way) and it contains Silica, which is an oil absorber (I'm SUPER oily). Not only does this act as an additional barrier, but it also evens out the eyelid (discolorations, birthmarks, etc) giving you a bare canvas to apply your color. A bare canvas means that the true color of the shadow will show without competing with the undertones on your eyelid.

OK...Now for the fun stuff:

Nars Single Eyeshadow in Tropic ($22.00)
*How GORG is this color!!!!! The minute I saw it, I had to have it! If you're not afriad of color (or attention...the good kind!), you should really try it. It gives sheer to full coverage and is long wearing. I can see myself pairing this with navy and black shadows as contours, lashes, blackest black liner and the most nude lips (I can see the whole look just by closing my eyes)! The silver flecks makes it that more fun!

Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Gel Eyeliner in Ocean Teal ($22.50)
*This gel eyeliner comes with its own brush. The beautiful, teal color is flattering on all eye colors. You can keep the rest of the lid bare or apply a neutral shadow for a bit more contrast. I would apply the line very neat and thin on the upper and/or lower lash lines. It's great for someone who just wants to try a pop of color to bring more focus to the eyes.

MAC Pigments ($19.50)
*I LUV LUV LUV Pigments! I can't even pinpoint a specific color. Pigments are highly concentrated loose powders; one jar will last you FOREVER!! They come in a rainbow of shades that really "pop" on the eyes. You can mix them together and use them wet or dry. Apply them with a tight bristle brush for bolder color or with a looser brush for just a wash of color.

MAC Glitter ($19.50)
*Glitter is the best! The easiest way to transform a so-so look into a standout one. It contains loose glitter particles and comes in the same kind of tub as the Pigments. For an instant boost, you can layer them over an eyeshadow that you already have. They can also be used wet or dry. Check out the MAC Holiday Glitter sets for smaller versions of this product here.

Too Faced Metal Eyed Liquid Eyeliner ($17.50)
* Glitter eyeliners are fun. You can use them alone or over top of a standard eyeliner. Once they dry down, they don't budge and look great all night!

Make Up Forever Faux Lashes ($15.00)
*Make Up Forever has 60 different styles of lashes to choose from! From full strips, individuals to fashion/art inspired ones. Lashes are great bonus eye accessory. Extra Glam indeed!!

Like I always say, have fun with these looks. Play around with different colors and textures that you aren't used to. What's the worse that can don't like it, you wash it off!! Enjoy the Holidays and create some fantastic memories with the ones you love...I know I am!

P.S.- Because it's a bit difficult to find pictures of make up looks that I love, I may start taking pics of looks that I have created myself!

~Stay Classy and Fabulous- Your Glam-Puss!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Style Campaign: CoCo Cocoon

UK Pop singer Lily Allen looks like a BADASS Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's in the new Chanel 'CoCo Cocoon' handbag campaign.  The cut off gloves and leather blazer is haute!!  ooohhh the bags are dope too! lol

Speaking of Chanel- check this baby out.... DOPE!!!! :)
This is get accessorie inspiration- mixing pearls and layered gold.... NIIICCCE


Style Tweets: @pnkaccessories Layered Necklace

My girl of Pnk Elephant Accessories is having a great sale going on via twitter....
Head over to PnkElephant and get your layered necklace.  At a great sale price $19.99.  Great for the holidays and fabulous for New Years.

Remember it's all about your accessories ;)


StyleTwit: @juneambrose

I made a joke to my boyfriend last night and told him let’s crash Diddy’s bday party! I was just playing but I secretly wanted to!!! Lol  The Plaza was packed with our favorite fabulous stars.

In my opinion June Ambrose Rocked it last night.
If you are on twitter and following June you would have been following her stylefit diet to squeeze into her frock… Yesterday she twitpic'd…. VERY nice….
I love white on a brown skin individual- brings out our beautiful complexion…

Makes me think about my New Year's dress.... I love the folding and drama to this dress.
June’s dress reminds me of the Marc Jacobs ‘Lola’ perfume bottle.

*Which smells aweseom by the way :)

Do you like June's dress choice?


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Style Stake Out: Beanie for HIM

I like the beanie and endless scarf look.  It's definitely a laid back white boy look- but I'm into it!

TopMan and Urban Outfitters have great beainie ad endless scarf options...


Parties and Cocktails and Mistletoes...OH MY!!!!

It's that time of the year again Fab ones! The Holidays aren't only about creating memories with your friends and family, but you MUST look good while doing so! Get ready to pucker up and "smize" in the camera with some really fun and festive looks sure to make you the belle of the party! Let's make some Holiday magic....

Time to transition from the dark lips and smoke signal eyes to colors with sparkle, glitter and shimmer. Think: metallic teals, rich amethysts and mauves, sparkling liners and playful lips.

For this post, I am going to concentrate on lip looks.

Stila Holiday Lip Glazes $25.00
*If you are more of a gloss girl, Stila's lip glaze is perfect for you. I love the texture of their gloss, as well as the applicator brush, it's not goopy or too sticky. Accentuate your lips and get megawatt shine with these gorgeous, holiday inspired colors. If you are not familiar with this product, it is a cult favorite. You simply just twist the bottom of the pen to produce as much gloss to the smooth brush tip. It travels great and they literally have a color for EVERYONE! Stop by your nearest Sephora to check them out.

Chanel Celestial Shimmer Glossimer $27.00
*This collection of Glosimers features 8 new brilliant, shimmery shades.
I can't tell you how much I adore Chanel's Glossimers!! They have THE best texture and staying power that I have come across to date when gloss is concerened. When I worked at Chanel, I literally didn't have to reapply my gloss until after lunch! The new shades are full of sparkling shine that will attract amazing light to your lips. They are awesome worn alone or layered over your existing lipstick shades for some extra glamour. The "Jupiter" shade is calling my name baby!!!

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque $32.00
*If you desire or want to try something with a more powerful finish, but still acheive a glossy look, this is definately it! The Laque has a creamy texture with a liquid application. The intense color payoff and staying power are true to Chanel form. The colors are gorg (I have the "Dragon" shade). You can get a better look at the colors on the website. I would reccommend a lip liner in a complimentry shade with this product because of the richer texture and color.

Remember, if you are going to sport a bolder, more colorful lip, a lip conditioner is a MUST! Color, and glosses especially, attract more attention to your lip texture; Therefor, you want a smooth, supple and soft canvas. If you haven't already, try a lip scrub/buff.

Clarins Lip Contour Gentle Exfoliator $23.00
*I have been using this product for about 2 years now. I apply it about twice or so a month to buff my lips for a plump and juicy pout! You can also check your nearest Bloomingdale's or Nieman's for it as well. If used about twice a month, it should last you, at least, a year.

Zoe Saldana sporting a beautiful, medium tone mauve lipstick while keeping the rest of the face neautral.

Camille Belle                                                               Katy Perry
I think that Camille looks fabulous! While rocking a sparkly pink (with a drop of purple) lipstick/gloss, her skin and eyes look amazing! Now, Katy is at an award show, so she took a more dramatic approach. If I cover her eyes, I actually like the lip color by itself topped off with a glimmering gloss.

Kerry Washington, who usually opts for a nude lip, looks great with this plum stain.

Melonie Fiona in a classic, yet festive, warm toned, red lipstick.

A sparkly, fuschia shade like this one will actually look amazing on chocolate complexions. See how the rest of the face is kept very clean and polished. Mascara, liner and blush complete your look.

Have fun with your make-up for the Holiday season! Try out some of the Holiday lipgloss/lipstick pallettes flooding the counters and stores right now. Take time to sit down with one the Artists and try on some different lip looks before you commit to a purchase. Wear it around for the remainder of your day for a test ride, and, if you still love it come nightfall, you can return to the store and feel confident about your choice.

P.S. Stay tuned for Holiday Eyes!!

~Stay Classy and Fabulous- Your Glam-Puss!

I Heart Fair Isle

Must be nice to wear sh*t straight off the Runway...

Long sweater paired with a fur scarf... FABULOUS!!!

Fair isle pattern has been surfacing for women these days- this parttern is most likely seen in men's sweaters.... Me likey!


Winter Fashion: Clear Frames

How dope are these...

Another dope pair of spec by A-Morir

You know by now- I'm a sunnie whore... but when the weather starts to Drop and it starts to get dark at 4:30pm... I start to lea towards my clear len frames. 

It's about time I start to look for soem cool clear frames- and these are fabulous!!!  Especially the first ones... I LOVE!!!

A-morir is dope!


Style Stake Out: Holely Sweaters

I'm loving the holely sweaters!!!

This style with a great pair of jeans and moto boots.... dope leather jacket!! LIVE!!!!

These are both from TopShop... Love TopShop.  Great movie date fit!


Fashion News: Blake is Vicki's new Muse

So I hear my fav Gossip Girl- Blake Lively is Vicki Becks- new Muse... well... first Muse.

Blake will model Victoria Beckham's line of dresses debutting... uugghhh... don't really know- but once I get the skinny... I will update.. lol

I heart Blake- She's a dope chick :)  No wonder Vicki fancy's her!


StyleLight: Side Zip Hoodie for HIM

The side zip hoodies are a chic update to the tradnitonal center front zip hoodie.  It adds a more tigher fit and very cute!!!

The zip hoodie on the left is Helmut Lang.

Lance's side zip hoodie is NAE1 Injection side Zip for 80 cash!!!!
Side bar: Lance looks Yummy! but waaay to Matchy Matchy!

fellas... poppin!


I Heart the Mui Mui

I HEART the Mui Mui

I know at first glance this looks a mess.... but with a FLY pair of boots and leggings or skinny pants could make for a super duper fit!!!


StyleLight: Rocker Bish

This pic is very style inspiring... thought I share :)

Hand full of rings! Poppin!

DIY studs on a sequin moto jacket... it's piled on trend- but it works...


Style Stake out: Vintage Fur

Christian Louboutin cut out thigh highs are making me tingle ;)

All my vintage loving readers- I'm on a style hunt for a long- passed the waist vintage fur vest!!!

I seen a girl with one on- and I was swooning....

Any suggestions?


My Fashion Life: Thigh High Socks

I always wanted to do the knit thigh high socks with some booties-

Maybe for Thanksgiving-

This is a very comfy and chic Thanksgiving look.

I normally keep it simple and lounge around in some jeans and a tee- but I think I wanna get dressed for Turkey day....

Do you guys get dressed up for Thanksgiving?


Holiday Fashion: Rose Metallic

Metallics are great for the holidays- a great way to shine for Christmas and New Years.  J.Crew went a step further and is offerring a cute collarless metallic jacket in a Rose color.

I love this paired with grey- very cute.  I actually love this look- White jeans and alll.... (you know I'm a fan of wearing white jeans after Labor Day- rules are made to be broken)

The statement necklace--- GORG! great look for X-Mas dinner. ;)
I have to go to pnkelephant and see if my girls have an option similar....

Who wants to buy this jacket for me for X-Mas???


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Laugh of the Day: Baby Kiyan

Lala has the cutest kid in HOLLYWOOD!!! He is adorable!!

I was on Lala's blog and seen this pic of cutie Kiyan and Kim Kardashian.... lmao lmao....

Why is Kiyan ICE GRILLING???!!!

Too funny and TOO CUTE!!! Kids are soo precious!
Enjoy the laugh....


Funky. Dope. Fresh.

I was over at Upscalehype and they posted this FUNKY. DOPE. FRESH. US Marine Corp Dress Coat.
I GASP when I seen it- I want it for myself.  Dudes get your patriotic flow on.  The great thing about this coat- you can customize it to fit your style or personality.  Add some cool patches change the buttons.... (tht's what I would do)
Upscale is saying this jacket cost $247 thats not bad....

If you were wondering who this guy is- his name is Ibn Jasper- he is Kanye's barber and image consultant... according to UpscaleHype.... It is bad that I really don't care how he is- just care about his coat... *bbm embarrassed face*

Fellas what do you think?

I do not know where you can get it- but trust I will research for you- I will get back.