Monday, December 7, 2009

Model Madness: Tao Okamoto

As I deep dive into fashion more and study the culture- models are becoming more and more interesting to me- their ability to transiform a simple look to tres chic is very cool.  Before I never cared about models and never realized their imporant contribution to fashion.  *I think it's because this new movement of using celebrities to sell a brand rather than models- I don't really know or can not regnozie alot of models by face* I also think the phenomenon of all these model search shows and definitely Top Model has me looking at models in a different way.  So I will try to post my fav model at the moment once a week.

The first model I am shouting out is Tao Okamoto.  It's the mushroom cut and her red boots.  She is one of my favorite models.

She is definitely a stylista- always looks amazing and never really tries.

You might have seen Tao strutting Ralph Lauren runway.

She's poppin.

Who are some of your favorite models?


Picture from WhoWhatWear

That's a Bad Jacket

I don't really like Marciano too much.... but they have a BAD jacket in their stores right now.
I tried it on and fell in love!

After the holidays when I'm done spending my moola on others I will spend my dollars on me!!! I HAVE to cop!

Minus this dress they decided to match with it... this jacket is killing me softly.
The diagnal zipper is giving this leather an updated fab look- and not to mention the draped neckline-
I love it!
I'm sold.