Monday, October 19, 2009

Eye Candy: Leather Top

I was over at Polyvore creating some sets and it was almost love at first sight!

Ladies if you are into the rocker chic movement like I am, leather is a MAJOR factor when trying to complete the look

The Millaird Leather top by Noir was originally $1,600 but now on sale for $215.00.  Wheeeww more like it.  Though you could prob purchase some leather (Harry Sheep leather) Scive it and drape it how you want, this top is still a beauty!

I just hit you with some Coach lingo... POW!!!! hahah


Fashion Online Run-In: Solo's Embellished Tights

I'm not a HUGE fan of leggings. I occasionally throw them on, but I do not knock the girl who loves leggings. I've seen stylistas serve it on a platinum platter with leggings on. I’ve actually been looking for a cool pair. I must admit I do like the liquid looking leggings- but some girls have really dragged that to the ground where I'm not even interested anymore.

I do LOVE Solo's neon embellished leggings she wore in her HoneyMag photo Shoot last month.

I spotted these daring digs from the Christopher Kane collection at Top Shop.

Styling Tips:  I always say take a trend and own it.  The great way to wear leggings is paring your leggings with a dope jacket, or a textured jacket (like Solo's faux fur- yes Solo's fit is outrageous because it's for a photo shoot, however paring your simple tights with a textured jacket will turn your simple outfit to chic) 
Another tip- if you go for a not so simple legging, try to play your fit down with a simple top and blazer- with high boots.

Are you ladies into the legging trend?