Friday, July 24, 2009

Dope Style: Work Out Style

Hey guys-

It's been some days since my last post, yeah I'm slacking but im back to deliver.

Macy's Live Strong window is the inspiration for this post, along with my boyfriend teasing me and my BFF about not eating healthy. I need to head to the gym, first I need gym clothes. Even breaking a sweat I have to do it in style.

Here are some styling tips for looking good while you are working out; whether you are breaking a sweat on the treadmill, running the track, weight lifting in the gym, taking a dance class, or just heading over to the local yoga center, you can do it in style.

Women's Workout Style Inspiration

To have a great workout style, color plays a great part. Feminine colors like pink, purple, aqua blue, grass green, white, and black are the best style choices. Black is a great color because it's very slimming and camouflages the sweat.

Great style is having your track pants, jackets, and leggings that fit properly. It's nothing like having a saggy rear walking around the weight room.... no bueno

Having bright accessories can jazz up any outfit. The accessories enhance your style, it shouldn't destroy it. Cool hair ties are essential. Pulling your hair back from your face is important when working out- it tames your locks. Playful water bottles adds an extra hand candy when taking a water break from crunches. A dope bag to house your fabulous clothes is also eye catching. Think of your gym bag as your Louie Speedy... Dope accessory. While you jam on the stair master, having a great ipod case is a great accessory and adds cool style addition to your workout fit.

Ladies sport bras are your best friend, it will tame the girls. I'm a fan of print sport bras- it adds personality. When wearing a print you must balance your fit with a solid.

Having a great pair of sneakers will bring your outfit home. Colorful sneakers will not only add comfort but head turning in the gym.

Shopping Note: Stella McCartney by Adidas have one of the best fashionable athletic assortment. The best thing about the line you can wear for pieces to the gym and on a movie date. With times like these, having alot for your buck is DOPE!

Men's Workout Style Inspiration

Styling at the gym should be essential for men. This is the place women attend for the "Guns Show"... get it??? lol.
While you are in the gym working your butts off you should do it in style.

Color is and will always be important when discussing style. For great color you should gravitate towards royal blue, bright reds, apple greens, black, grey, and yellow. Color coordinating your fit is essential too. Do not pair your red track pants with a yellow sweatshirt.... Yikes!

Sneakers are very important when working out. The right sneakers can give great support and it will complete your look. My favorite is the Nike Shocks or the Air Max 95'.

Like any other fit, accessories only enhance your look. It's great for a man to add some cool workout accessories like: the LiveStrong rubber band, Nike wrist bands and heads, workout gloves in a great color, ipod arm band, and a really cool water bottle.

Men normally have very simple styles, but a fun track jacket can explode your workout fit. I'm digging the shiny track jackets on men. It adds style and a fashion sense. I'm feeling it!

Shopping Note: Run over to Macy's and check it Live Strong collection. It's pretty dope! I've always loved and appreciated the Adidas store in the village... huge selection.

With the following tips and inspiration you can turn your boring workout gear to fabulous head turning style. Even if you do not work hard in the gym, you can at least look the part!!! :)
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