Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sunnies Sunnies and more Sunnies: Grey Ant

I really do not know why I'm up this early... I went to bed early, after great dinner and two Mango Martinis... now I understand how and why I passed out! lol

I did my daily rounds of blog reading this a.m. and was over at one of my fav blogs... TheFashionBomb. Claire met up with Rihanna at the Margiela show in Paris yesterday.

*I love Margiela... I will cover this show later today... I know some site has the pics :)*

I heart Rih Rih's over sized Wayfarers. So you know I was on my hunt to see what brand they were....

Bey rocked them some months back... how could I let these pass me by????

After my search these babys' are Grey Ant.
So now I want two pairs of sunnies for the Winter!!!!
I'm taking up a collection... anyone want to donate??? lol

source: fashionbomb for pic