Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New Year's Style Resolution

Hey sexy readers...

Tomorrow is New Years- the time to leave EVERYTHING behind, look infront of you and start over.  I always say, "Its time to press the reset button".  Despite my many New Year's goal, I have a couple of Style goals I want to accomplish this year.....

1.  Take more risks

As my style evolves and my fashion knowledge expands I will like to start to take more style risks.  I'm currently in between the safe zone and trendy.  I'm not super trendy, but I also keep it safe with my color choices and silhettoes.



The one risk I did take this year was chop my hair off!!!!!  I WENT FROM LONG HAR TO A BOB TO CHOPPING IT ALL OFF!!! This year I'm taking alot more risks :)




2.  Get more into Make-up

I want to take a beauty class and learn how to apply make-up.  Though My skin is very sensitive and I do not like to wear alot of it, I would love to learn how to mix different colors and explore the different techiniques.

3.  Expand my bag and accessory collection.

When I was working for Coach I purchased sooo many bags, once I left, I stopped caring about handbags.  This year I'm going to invest in some awesome handbags.
Now that accessory can make or break your ouftit or turn it from simple to tres chic.... I want to build my accessory wardrobe.

4.  Complete my styling Certificate

F.I.T has this dope Styling certificate program where you learn how to style (well not really learn how to, either have the eye or you don't) , teaches you about image branding, movie and television styling, the professor is a professional stylist, and you get real life styling assignments, just to name a few.... pretty cool huh?

5.  Launch my clothing line

This is a HUGE secret but this is something I want to explore this year... It's been in hold for that pass 2 years now, but I'm finally gonna jump.  Can't expand on this... it's hush hush (my partner might kill me when she reads this) but I will share more later... keep me in your prayers!

6.  Expand Search. Style. Snap.

I want to make my blogspot into a .com.  I have been very hesitant in doing so because I do not want to be a "blogger" I want to do a blog.  The sole purpose of my blog was to expose REAL style, give style advice, and share my fashion thoughts.  But with the responses I have gotten, the comments, the side bars on facebook, myspace and even BBM of readers telling me how much they really loved reading and visitng my blog... I think it's only fair I continue to grow it and take this fashion journey with you guys.
This Year I will post my style, have more features, more how to wear posts, complete more male posts, and interact with you all more.  My lover (hahah inside joke) told me he see big things with my blog- my BFF demanded I put more effort into my blog... and I'm going to take their advice.

I want to thank everyone who reads my blog on a daily, weekly, monthly, once in awhile basis.  I want to thank everyone who appreciates my post, comments, and take the advice n inspiration I give.  I live and breathe fashion and when I get genuine comments or feedback from you guys... it's makes me proud that I have inspired atleast one of you.

With this new year beginning, it's the year of no holding back, leaving issues in 2009 back in 2009, starting over and taking leaps.  I have two MAJOR projects brewing for 2010 and I'm so excited.  So my words to you is Become your dreams this year.  Take that leap... if you are someone who wanted to travel.... pull out that passport and get those stamps... if you always wanted to be a stylist or fashion editor or even designer... do what it takes and get there.  If it doesn't work... atleast you can go on and say... "I Tried, and had a fabulous time doing it" :)

I hope 2010 is WAAAY more fabulous than 2009.

See you guys next year!