Thursday, August 27, 2009

Style Snap: Rihanna does Acid Wash

Hey stylish people!
The posts will be limited today- as I'm getting ready for Miami!
WOOOHOOO!!! I will try to post while in Miami- I can not make any promises tho!!!

The YBF posted some pics of Rih Rih at her favorite restaurant Da Silvano yesterday looking very stylicious.
I am not into the acid wash trend- but the cropped acid wash vest is a problem!!!! DOPENESS!
I wonder what kind of jeans she is wearing- I will investigate and get back to you guys!
I like the splatter pant destructive skinnies...

I know Rihannadaily will know! :)

I'm in love with her white tassle loafers! I HATE white shoes but I love them. Last month I tweeted I was going to buy me some white flats- similar to these... and my friends were bashing me!!!
They look DOPE on RIh RIh I know I would be able to pull them off....

Rih Rih was out in her acid wash jeans last week- is this her new trend???

Harlem's favorite young'in Teyana Taylor had some on too....

Are you guys riding the acid wash wave???

I'm sooo not!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fall Fashion: Kate Moss Launches tomorrow

Hey Stylistas,

The new Kate Moss Fall/Winter collection launches tomorrow!!

Check out some of the looks:

I definitely see an old vintage/rock n roll feel!
Kate screams that kind of lifestyle. I love how her collection is a reflection of what she represents.
Do you guys like?
Until Next Time
Same Place Tomorrow
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Source: TopShop

Fall Fashion: Revolver Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

Hey Stylistos,

Check out the new Fall/Winter 2009 collection by Revolver.

Working closely with Ed Banger’s art director and renown artist So-Me, Japanese streetwear brand Revolver returns for another season of bold graphics and cut-and-sew apparel. Fall/Winter 2009 features a good amount of graphic t-shirt designs, all created by So-Me, along with denim and outerwear items, highlighted by the brand’s clean-cut varsity and baseball jacket interpretations.

I love the Varsity jackets in this Fall's collection. I like the use of bright colors. In these depressing times, we need color to brighten our moods. It also makes the simple guy push the envelope and rock more bright colors.
The military inspired outerwear is a problem. The wool bomber jacket is tough too. Adding the gold buttons are sooo dope!
You can always DIY fellas- get a plain wool bomber and add the gold buttons yourself.... hhmmmm... something to think about!
What do you think?
Until Next Time
Same place tomorrow
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Source: HypeBeast

Viddy Style: Rih Rih has on A-Morir Shotties

Ok, so I was on the friends' blog, SITATTHECOOLTABLE and I learned that Rihanna is rocking the A-Morir's Pyramid studded shotties in the 'Run this Town' viddy.

Kerin Rose set up a-morir a year ago. The designer is best known for her sunglasses, which are all made by hand in her workshop.

The sunglasses are entirely covered in hand-painted pyramid studs, that have been slightly distressed.

You can actually see through them. You will be able to purchase the sunglasses from October, when not only a black, but also silver and gold colorways will be coming out. The sunglasses can be pre-ordered for $350.00

Definitely Rock Star/bad ass shotties.

What you guys think?

Until Next Time

Same place tomorrow


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My Fashion Life: Leather Cut Off Gloves

Hey Stylistas,

As I make a list for my Fall wardrobe, there is one accessory I'm quite excited about. The leather cut off glove. It was heavy last season, but it's definitely a transition piece that can carry over to Fall. Adding a Rock Star edge to your Fall look.

Urban Outfitters has a great selection of Cut off gloves.

Basic colors that can carry you through out the season.

If you want to add some pop color try Caroline Amato lined Leather cut off gloves .

The Pink is my fav!

Styling tips: Try the cut off with a great long cardigan and skinny jeans. To get more of a Rock Star look- (which is a great look for this season) pair your gloves with some smoking hot over the knew boots. You are guaranteed to turn heads.

What pieces are on your Fall wardrobe list?

Until Next Time

same place tomorrow


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Remembering Aaliyah

Hey Beautiful readers,

I was running around all day yesterday and working crazy hard at the 9-5 so I couldn't post yesterday, but we back at it...

Let's begin....

Yesterday marked the 8th anniversary of Aaliyah's tragic death. Twitter was on fire, radio stations were playing her songs, and the blog community were giving their tributes....

There were also massive discussions on twitter about whether or not Aaliyah should be considered one of Music's great, or it was her death that has everyone saying she was great, or Aaliyah really didn't contribute to music.... blablabl... people have their opinions... but Aaliyah definitely started a movement and sound with the helps of her team- Missy and Timbo...

Aaliyah was and still is one of my fav R&B artists. You can see Aaliyah's influence in alot of today's young starlets!

RIP Aaliyah... enjoy the pics :)

She looked Stunning at the MTV Music awards. LOVED LOVED LOVED that dress.

I was at this Roca-Fella baseball event... Stacey Dash was there too... :)

Good Times

I remember I was staring to rock the baggy pants when this Tommy Ad came out.

They were a very cute couple!

This is when Aaliyah was ditching that tomboy image.

What is your Favorite Aaliyah moment and song?

Until Next time
Same place tomorrow

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Monday, August 24, 2009

A-Z Fall Survival Guide: A, B, and C

Hey Sexy Readers,

Today is your first dose of Search. Style. Snap's A-Z Fall survival guide.

We are going to go through the whole entire alphabet serving you your Falls' Must Haves, trends, and most talked about for Fall.

I will not limit this fabulous list to just clothing. As a stylista and stylisto, there are many factors that make up your style.
Let's get into it.

This Fall season animal print is HUGE. This Fall brings you fierceness and wildlife. Keep your eye out for leopard prints and wildlife tees. For you daring stylistas, try to mix and match your animal print.

For my fellas, accessories are huge for you this Fall. Whether it is a watch, necklace, or a bracelet, adding an accessory will add some spice and a clean touch.

It's all about boots!!! Ladies store away your pumps and rack up on Boots. Either go really low (ankle boots) or really high (over the knee boots).

I always knew about BKC, but really didn't know how dope it was, until a friend of mine kept bigging it up. I made a visit to the store and I was sold. This is a great brand and this sneak peak to the Fall's collection is a reason why BKC made the list. You will survive the Fall in one of BKC's pieces.

Chains are a dope addition to boots, tanks, or handbags. Its adding personality to your already simple pieces. You can practice your DIY skills and add chains to the pieces you already have in your closet.

Ladies have Vogue, Elle, and Essence, and Guys have Complex. To survive any upcoming season, magazines play an important part in keeping you informed as to what is out there, provides much inspiration, and can be a simple read.

Tomorrow I will unveal the next three letters.
If you feel I missed something let me know- and we can add it to the list :)
Until Next Time
Same place tomorrow
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

This Week on Search.Style.Snap

Hey People!!!

Sorry for not posting this weekend....

I've been running around getting ready for my Miami Trip and my BIRTHDAY!!!! YAAY!

I don't know if I told you guys, but I'm turning a fabulous age of 27!!! WoooHooo!!! I'm getting old!! lol

By the way: I'm fitting EVERYTHING in a carry-on bag... people said I wouldn't be able to do it!!! But I'm proving everyone WRONG!!

Anywho, this week will be fun... I came up with an A-Z Fall survival guide. All your Must Haves, styling tips, and trends for the Fall Season.
It's gonna be fun!!!
Stay tuned...

Don't forget to tune in to Khloe & Kourney Takes Over Miami on E! @10pm, and the third episode of America's Best Dance Crew on MTV @9pm!!!

Re-caps tomorrow :)

Until Next Time
Same Place tomorrow
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Last Minute Summer Buy: White Jeans for HIM

Hey Stylistos,

Ok so the Summer is coming to an end, but we still have a couple of weeks left.

For you guys who are going on late vacations this is definitely for you.

Labor Day is right around the corner, and I do not follow the "Don't wear white after Labor Day" Rule!!! It is a stupid rule, and as a stylista, we don't follow fashion rules, we make up our own.

So with that said.... Fellas you can wear white jeans and you can wear them after Labor Day!

Some weeks ago I had a conversation with my main squeeze about him getting a pair of White jeans for the Summer, and he shut me all the way down! lol

I love WHITE jeans, I love them on Women and I love them on guys, if styled right... but you can not mess up a pair of white jeans. Keep it simple and cool.

Kanye rocked his White Jeans in Miami with Girlfriend Amber Rose this week.

Express for men have a dope pair of white destructive denims. (I wish I can post a pic, but Express does not allow you to steal their pics!!!! BASTARDS!!! lol)

Click here to take a look.

Try a pair of high top sneaks to rock with your white jeans. (try those Gourmet Kicks I posted a couple of weeks ago)

Until Next Time

same place tomorrow


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Dope Online Find: Girl in Glasses Tee

Hey Stylistas,

I was crusing one of my fav blogs, StyleScrapbook, and came across a very cool tee.

100% Certified Organic Cotton Tee by Daniel Roberts. Collaboration with Borders & Frontiers Hand Printed.

This tee is Super dope! Check out the super stylish ladies on the tee in their Chanel Glasses. I'm into it!

Styling Tips: You can literally wear this tee with anything; an A-Line skirt, or some jeans, or cut off shorts... anything you want. You can dress this tee up with a pretty skirt and booties, or dress it down in some boyfriend jeans (cuffed), crossbody purse, and a pair of oxfords.

I want this tee... if you want one too, click here to get details.

Until Next Time

same place tomorrow


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Recessionista VS. Fashionista: Scalloped Bow Dress

Hey sexy readers,

On this Third edition of Recessionista Vs Fashionista:

I bring you Lipsy Ric Rac Bow Dress going up against Marc by Marc Jacobs Joelle Scalloped Dress.

I love this section of Search. Style. Snap. It's a time to look at our favorite designer pieces in a recession friendly version. Let's be real, you do not have to spend a whole lot of money to get high end fashion.
In these times people are not spending large wads of doe on clothes!... Just not happening!
What do you guys think? Which version gets your vote?
Until Next Time
same place tomorrow
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