Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Remembering Aaliyah

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I was running around all day yesterday and working crazy hard at the 9-5 so I couldn't post yesterday, but we back at it...

Let's begin....

Yesterday marked the 8th anniversary of Aaliyah's tragic death. Twitter was on fire, radio stations were playing her songs, and the blog community were giving their tributes....

There were also massive discussions on twitter about whether or not Aaliyah should be considered one of Music's great, or it was her death that has everyone saying she was great, or Aaliyah really didn't contribute to music.... blablabl... people have their opinions... but Aaliyah definitely started a movement and sound with the helps of her team- Missy and Timbo...

Aaliyah was and still is one of my fav R&B artists. You can see Aaliyah's influence in alot of today's young starlets!

RIP Aaliyah... enjoy the pics :)

She looked Stunning at the MTV Music awards. LOVED LOVED LOVED that dress.

I was at this Roca-Fella baseball event... Stacey Dash was there too... :)

Good Times

I remember I was staring to rock the baggy pants when this Tommy Ad came out.

They were a very cute couple!

This is when Aaliyah was ditching that tomboy image.

What is your Favorite Aaliyah moment and song?

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