Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ABDC: First Episode Run through

Ok people,

Before I put the lappy away, I want to re-cap the first episode of America's Best Dance Crew.

I wasn't too thrilled and excited last night as usual, but I do see some potential.

Lil' Mama was there looking like her crazy regular self. You have to give her snaps for her courageous fashion decisions. The great thing is she doesn't look too CRAZY, with the exception of that "Super Hero" ponytail. At least her style is always consistent. I could never be mad at that!

Mario Lopez was hosting looking like he just came off the set of 'Saved by the Bell'. Does this guy ever age? I was feeling his cardy too.

Out of all 9 groups my favorite groups are both from NEW YORK!!!
WOOOHOOO!!! Usually the west coast groups kick our butts.

Rhythm City from the Bronx RIPPED this show last night. They brought massive energy, choreography, B-boying and style.

I heart shorty's red leather jacket, the plaids shirts and homie's stripe grey and yellow cardy.

My second favorite group to wow the audience, viewers, and the judges was Vogue Evolution. Two words for this group... Work Bitch!!!!

They were fierce and brought the flavor. I'm looking forward to see this group next week.

Lastly, the bottom three crews had to battle it out for a slot on next week's show. Southern Movement and Beat ya Feet Kings came hard. They put their game face on and danced their hearts out.
Southern Movement from Tennessee
Beat Ya Feet Kings from D.C

'Fr3sh' crew banner fell last night. Which served them right... during the battle they were smiling and coming with weak moves...

I thought they looked really cute, but they had to go....

8 crews left... can't wait til next week... the challenge is a tribute to BEYONCE....

Vogue Evolution is going to KILL IT!!!

Any bets???
Tune in EVERY Sunday on MTV!

Until next time
same place tomorrow

Style Reporter

Dope Find: Uniform Experiment

Hey Stylistos,

I was surfing the web, like i do all the time and came across a dope brand I never heard of.
Sidebar: The great thing I love about fashion, there is a whole fashion universe out there that i don't know about and every day i learn more and more about it. LOVE IT!

I came across this brand called Uniform Experiment any of you heard of it?
It's pretty dope. What i love about this brand, the mixing of suits with casual pieces.
I love the school boy feel to this collection. It brings back collegiate style with an edge.
This collection makes it cool to wear bright colors, something males are slowly grasping.

I LOVE the orange wool coat. A great playful update to the tradition navy pea coat.

Peep the stud varsity... how cool is this??? This piece is setting me style free!

The vest is tough, a cool update to the Puffer vest. Adds great pocket detailing and style.

Bringing scarfs into the assortment is key for Fall. Fellas it's time to lock in to scarfs. The scarf adds a Fall flavor to your ensemble.

The biker jacket is key for both men and ladies this Fall. Colorful argyle is type ill too.

What do you guys think?
I'm going to keep this brand on my radar from now on.
Until next time
same place tomorrow
Style Reporter

My Fashion Life: Fall Fashion Wish List!!!

Hey Stylistas-
I was going through my new issue of Marie Claire to get inspired for Fall and I found two things on my Fall Fashion Wish List.
A great pair of lace up shoes and a cool furry vest.

The ribbon Lace up flats are Moschino. These will set my style free. These will go great with a wool shirt or some great denims, paired with a t-shirt and a boyfriend blazer. Definitely some cool jewelry and a silk scarf.

This Furry vest is J.Crew- (price upon request- whew that's gonna break the bank) I have one like this is black from LF and I get made fun of every time I wear it. I DO NOT CARE though. the soft pink is calling my name. I might not get this exact one, but I'm definitely inspired to find some very similar.

What is on your list for Fall fashion wish list?

until next time

same place tomorrow


Style Reporter

Cool in Camo!

Hey guys,

Last week I attended the 'America's Most Wanted' tour at Jones Beach with performances by Weezy, Drake (Drake was a no show due to his dumb leg), Jeremiah, Souljah Boy, Jeezy, and Pleasure P. Dope show.
While i was enjoying Weezy's set, i realized something about him... Lil Wayne LOVES his camo shorts.

Every time I turn around he is performing in a pair of camo shorts.

Then today my boyfriend bbm's me and tells me he wants a pair of camo shorts... So I had to blog about camo today.

Though camo shorts is not a hot trend, it's definitely a Must Have for any stylisto. The great thing about Camo shorts or pants (I prefer shorts, you wear the pants and you start to look like you are about to be shipped off to war) is, you can literally wear any color with it.

Styling tip: let your camo act as your natural color and match your footwear with your top.

I was on http://www.leader1354.com/ and noticed one of the guys affiliated with the site loves his camo too. Peep how he wears his camo in many different ways:

The boyfriend thought up a cool idea, try a pair of camo pants and cut them into shorts to get the fringed/worn bottom effect. That's dope!

If you don't own a pair already, head over to American Eagle and throw it in the bag.

I have a pair of natural color camos and i LOVE them!

Lock IN Fellas

Until next time

same place tomorrow


Style Reporter

Dope Rags: Destructive Denim for Guys

Hey People,

OMG! It was sooo HOT yesterday, I hope everyone was hydrated and dressed appropriate for the weather .

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday I was having a little bit of "ME" time. I'm back and ready to give you guys nothing but DOPENESS!!!

With that said- lets begin....

Who said destructive denim only looks good on women? Gap has a great pair of destructive denim for guys.

Stylistos- LOCK IN! This is a great transition piece from Summer right into Fall.

What do you think? Are you a destructive denim kind of dude?

until next time

same time tomorrow


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