Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cool in Camo!

Hey guys,

Last week I attended the 'America's Most Wanted' tour at Jones Beach with performances by Weezy, Drake (Drake was a no show due to his dumb leg), Jeremiah, Souljah Boy, Jeezy, and Pleasure P. Dope show.
While i was enjoying Weezy's set, i realized something about him... Lil Wayne LOVES his camo shorts.

Every time I turn around he is performing in a pair of camo shorts.

Then today my boyfriend bbm's me and tells me he wants a pair of camo shorts... So I had to blog about camo today.

Though camo shorts is not a hot trend, it's definitely a Must Have for any stylisto. The great thing about Camo shorts or pants (I prefer shorts, you wear the pants and you start to look like you are about to be shipped off to war) is, you can literally wear any color with it.

Styling tip: let your camo act as your natural color and match your footwear with your top.

I was on http://www.leader1354.com/ and noticed one of the guys affiliated with the site loves his camo too. Peep how he wears his camo in many different ways:

The boyfriend thought up a cool idea, try a pair of camo pants and cut them into shorts to get the fringed/worn bottom effect. That's dope!

If you don't own a pair already, head over to American Eagle and throw it in the bag.

I have a pair of natural color camos and i LOVE them!

Lock IN Fellas

Until next time

same place tomorrow


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