Monday, September 28, 2009

SUPER: Sunnies on Deck

Anyone who knows me know my LOVE of a dope pair of Sunnies...

After a sweet visit at Sunglass Hut this pass weekend I was telling myself... I have to get a new pair of Sunnies for the Fall and Winter Months (Yes I wear sunnies during the winter.... Sue Me)

Check out these bad boys!!! ooowwweeee!

Super Fall 2009 collection. These joints a MEAN! They are so different... Sometimes you have push the envelope.

I Heart the shape- makes me think of Logos or Robots... lol

The brown options are calling my name....
Shhhh shhhhh!!! You hear them???
Keep is fabulous
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Sleeping Beauty: Vintage Undies

Hey Stylistas.

We always talk about what to wear on the night of the town, but we never talk about what to wear on the night in the house.

Nicki Minaj's Honey Mag shoot inspired this post. I love the shot with Nicki in a silk camisole paired with an over sized white button down shirt. Then I started to think about last month's Ashley Olsen's Vintage Romantic theme shoot for Marie Claire.

I love Lace for a great stylicious night in the house. Ladies throw the Pink sweats in the corner and reach for a vintage undergarment look.

I love "His" white shirt as a cover up. It will add a modern flare to your old vintage look. Roll up the arms and top off your lingerie with some pearls and a sweet scent.

Please do not forget your 4-5inch pumps.

How dreamy????

I was on polyvore to give you guys some inspiration.

I love a soft color palette. It screams dreamy, fantasy, and romance.

How sexy is that??

Do you guys have a sexy look you to rock in the bedroom?

Until Next Time


Hey People!

Last week Honey Magazine did a fab shoot with Female Rapper Nicki Minaj.

I was just put on to this chick, and I've been living under a rock! Nicki Minaj is pretty dope. Surprisingly she is from South Side Queens. I like her style.

Honey Mag sat down with Ms. Minaj to talk about her career, her status, her many comparisons to Lil' Kim.... etc, but I was more intrigued about what she was wearing...

Duuuh I'm a style junkie and aspiring stylist- I am going to pay much attention to her looks. Nicki Minaj was styled by Charles Wade- Honey Mag's Fashion Director.

I have this great Jumper! I brought mine for H&M and I can not wait to wear it... Great Choice!

Sexy Kitten. I love this look. The Over sized white button down paired with great lingerie is always alluring and sexy! I always get that "Honey I'm Home" feel. Wearing "His" shirt to bed... LOVE IT!

Check out Nicki Minaj's interview with Honey Mag.

Dope chick- Dope shoot. Can't wait for the album to drop. *Let me find out Young Money tryna get Bad Boy early 90's status*

Until Next Time
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Style Beauty: All Black Everything

Hey Stylistas....

So this is Search.Style.Snap's first beauty post and please let me know what you girlies think about it...

A couple of weeks back I got some feedback from a reader asking to give beauty and make-up tips.... I am a fresh faced girl who only wears black eye liner, mascara, and Vaseline as my gloss... I know not sooo glamours... but I am taking out the time to learn more, and experiment more on this.

I knew I couldn't really give any tips- because I do not know ANYTHING about applying make-up nor the different brands out there... I only know MAC hahah.... So I reached out to my friend from the DMV (D.C Maryland Virginia area) to help me out.

Her name is Keyona... but we call her Keebs...

She will be helping me on the beauty tip, feel free to email some makeup inquiries, tips, advice etc...
I'm learning too- Can't wait for her to come up so we can explore Sephora and the Macy's makeup section... I feel beauty TV brewing.... That would be dope!

All Black Everything! : The Eyes Have It

Think, London New Goth. This Fall, Thakoon, Michael Kors and Yves Saint Laurant have all opted for this look with their collections. A well defined, deep eye will instantly glam up any look. Whether you decide to keep it more simple with a thick, smudged out liner, or kick up the wow factor and go dramatic with a powder or cream shadow that can be smoked out to the max, it's such an easy way to take your look to another level. The key to this look, whether simple or smoky, is a deep black volumizing mascara. I like to apply at least 3 coats when I do a smoky eye so that the lashes don't get lost in the background; you still want them to pop. Remember to keep the rest of the face muted. The eyes should be your stand out feature. A little concealer on problem areas, some powder to set it, a toned down blush/bronzer and a flesh toned lipstick with just a touch of gloss will guarantee that nothing else is competing with your fabulous eyes. Also, please take the time to groom the brows. Nothing ruins a great make-up look like unruly face framers. You will be amazed at the difference that clean, manicured brows create, whether you're wearing make-up or not!

Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Hungry Heart

*A highlighter is a great companion to the smoky eye. To create dimension and to keep the eye looking lifted, a highlighter right underneath the brow (on the browbone) is key. I like this duo, because it allows you to mix the two colors to create YOUR personal color.

Urban Decay Shadow Primer Potion

*Talk about a cult favorite! I discovered this primer some years ago from a fellow make-up artist and it's THE best. This should be the 1st step to your eye make-up routine. Especially when wearing darker eye colors, a primer is key in preventing creasing and fading on the lid.

Kevin Aucoin The Mascara

*This is an AMAZING mascara! It delivers tons of volume, separation and lift. Pile it on for a dramatic effect, but, remember to allow at least 15 seconds between each coat to prevent clumping.

Smashbox Cream Eyeliner
*Gel based liners are a Godsend for us oilier skinned ladies (and Gents!!), because they dry down to a smudge proof, water resistant finish that won't run and disappear during the day. Remember to get an angled tip brush to apply the liner. I use the 266 Small Angeled Brush by
MAC Black Tied Eyeshadow
*I love this shadow because it's not a flat wash of color. It contains metallic flecks that attract more light to the eye area and give it a little more pop!

Bobbi Brown Creamy Eye Pencils
*These liners are really creamy, preventing tugging on the delicate eye area (especially if you have dry skin). Because of the soft texture, blending and smudging is a breeze.

Any questions for Keebs???

~Stay classy and fabulous- Your Glam-Puss!

Fashion Mags: Elle VS Vogue

Last week I picked up my monthly bundle of fashion magazines to get the month’s inspiration.
I normally pick up

Italian Vogue
Marie Claire (Ever since Nina Garcia came aboard I like the mag so much more)
And my weekly gossip magazines (don’t judge me. I LOVE them and can’t get enough)

As I went through all publications, drooling over some of the editorials and advertisements, placing a post-it on the pages that make me swoon and tabbing the stories that look interesting... I had a thought….

I like Elle magazine sooo much better than Vogue.

Now I may get stoned for this by all fashionistas around the world, but Elle mag talks to me. I can relate more, I get inspired and the features stories, not only educates me on the fashion world, but the stories are entertaining.

The master minds behind Elle does a very good job in connecting with the younger fashionista, but still keeping the interest of their loyal reader….

Don’t get me wrong, Vogue is a fashion encyclopedia, but it’s starting to get boring!!!

This makes me think… is Vogue still the fashion bible?

What do you stylistas think?

Elle or Vogue???

Or which fashion publication you love?

Until Next Time


New Yorkers Do Have Style

Hey Stylistas-

I know I have touched on this trend before but the importance of a statement necklace can set you style free.

Ladies when going out to a club, or a first date, or even cocktails with the girls, pairing your statement necklaces with a simple look is golden.

Take a look at some New Yorkers in their statement necklaces looking fab during Fashion Week.

I have the necklace on the left. It's form H&M.

These are my Favorites!!!!!

Today I was having lunch with my bestie and she had on a very cute leather layered statement necklace. My eyes automatically was drawn to her neck.
And who said New Yorkers do not have style????
Some great low key inexpensive spots to get your statement jewelery: Forever 21, Strawberry (believe it or not) Street Vendors in Soho, H&M... and my new spot
(Look out for an exclusive interview with the girls behind Dope jewelry. Can't wait to get my spike bracelets)
Until Next Time

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Style Du Jour: Kate Lanphear during Fashion Week

Each day I will post my Style Du Jour pick: This section of the blog is where I will expose dope style from our favorite stylicious people. Fellas I promise this will not be only stylistas I will post some styilsto pics as well!!
Kate Lanphear is not a stranger to my blog. If you do not know who this woman is- she is the Style Director of Elle Mag (My fav magazine... all you Vogue lovers do not hate me... I appreciate Vogue- but I love Elle sooo much more)
Talk about All Black Everything!!!
I love the proportions of her fit. The cropped leather jacket paired with a long drappy tee adds a messy but sexy touch to her outfit. Skinny jeans and high ankle boots are always a go!!!!
Enjoy. Get Inspired.
Peace out

Fall Fashion: The Lanvin Sneaker

Morning Fellas

Whats up.... Today I give you some fresh kicks for the Fall season.

Now available on Aloha Rag, Lanvin presents a pretty dope sneaker for the fellas this season.

The Lanvin High Top Trainer comes in a nice new jersey felt/suede version. I pay attention to detail and I like the sweet add of gold accent eyelets.

The neutral colors are dope- pair these bad boys with a great chunky sweater, or a pair of heavy weight khakis, or keep it basic with a great pair of jeans.
The luxury look of the sneaker can definitely be rocked with a dope Wool coat during the winter months or worn with a trench coat during the warmer days.
Either way- if you have the cash to invest in- INVEST fellas!!!! (These are pricey people)
South of your ankles will thank you ;)
Peace Out