Monday, September 28, 2009

New Yorkers Do Have Style

Hey Stylistas-

I know I have touched on this trend before but the importance of a statement necklace can set you style free.

Ladies when going out to a club, or a first date, or even cocktails with the girls, pairing your statement necklaces with a simple look is golden.

Take a look at some New Yorkers in their statement necklaces looking fab during Fashion Week.

I have the necklace on the left. It's form H&M.

These are my Favorites!!!!!

Today I was having lunch with my bestie and she had on a very cute leather layered statement necklace. My eyes automatically was drawn to her neck.
And who said New Yorkers do not have style????
Some great low key inexpensive spots to get your statement jewelery: Forever 21, Strawberry (believe it or not) Street Vendors in Soho, H&M... and my new spot
(Look out for an exclusive interview with the girls behind Dope jewelry. Can't wait to get my spike bracelets)
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Source: WGSN

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