Monday, September 28, 2009

Fashion Mags: Elle VS Vogue

Last week I picked up my monthly bundle of fashion magazines to get the month’s inspiration.
I normally pick up

Italian Vogue
Marie Claire (Ever since Nina Garcia came aboard I like the mag so much more)
And my weekly gossip magazines (don’t judge me. I LOVE them and can’t get enough)

As I went through all publications, drooling over some of the editorials and advertisements, placing a post-it on the pages that make me swoon and tabbing the stories that look interesting... I had a thought….

I like Elle magazine sooo much better than Vogue.

Now I may get stoned for this by all fashionistas around the world, but Elle mag talks to me. I can relate more, I get inspired and the features stories, not only educates me on the fashion world, but the stories are entertaining.

The master minds behind Elle does a very good job in connecting with the younger fashionista, but still keeping the interest of their loyal reader….

Don’t get me wrong, Vogue is a fashion encyclopedia, but it’s starting to get boring!!!

This makes me think… is Vogue still the fashion bible?

What do you stylistas think?

Elle or Vogue???

Or which fashion publication you love?

Until Next Time


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