Friday, October 16, 2009


Ok Ok OK the fashion master minds are taking it a bit far now.
In the October Issue of French Vogue you will flip to see very disturbing pictures of a white model with a "blackface"- this is not art- it’s TASTELESS AND TACKY.

I normally keep my opionions to myself, and do not get all political... but this raised my eyebrow!!!

This is nothing but a desperate call for readers.  Whatever happened to creating beautiful Photo Shoots and stimulating articles?  Painting a white woman’s face and saying it’s art is absolutely ridiculous.

Some people may look at as art but it’s definitely all wrong!!!!

If you wanted to portray a black model- USE A BLACK MODEL! LOL

This is a magazine known for their controversial spreads…

There is a huge lack of opportunity for black models these days- and this article further confirms this.  It sends the wrong message for black models, and black french models.  It suggests that "we" are not good enough- I wonder if the whole issue have any black models in it?? I will never purchase a copy- but I do want to take a browse to see..

The French doesn’t share the same history as in the Unitied States, but there is no excuse.

Carine Roitfeld (The French Anna Wintour) should be on time out- sat in the corner with one of those “stupid” cone hats on!!

I’m offended!
It’s not even a beautiful shot the fits SUCK!!

What do you think readers- fellas chime in- I want to hear your thoughts as well.

These are my thoughts- and I'm entitled to my opinion- and so are you! :)


Pucker Up!: Rich Lips

For the fall, swap your summer gloss for something a bit richer and more moisturizing. As seen in Rachel Roy and Jason Wu, the deep lip is all the rage. Almost every beauty line unveiled thier fall trend beauty looks which feature some of the most beautiful, sexy, glamorous and yummy shades for the lips. From the mulberry color seen in Nars to the chocolate and plums in the Chanel winter collection. Because these shades can be a bit more dramatic for the lipstick rookies, a great way to introduce them into your make-up routine would be to craete a stain.

A stain is more of a wash of color on the lips that has great staying power. To achieve it, you just want to apply the lip color straight from the tube, grab a paper towel (regular tissue will leave those bits behind) and blot. This will remove some of the lipstick, but still alow you to see a bit of color.

If you love the deep lip trend and want to go for it 100%, first; fill in the lips with a lip liner in a similiar shade. The liner will act as an adhesive, giving you a much longer wear. I would reccomend using a lip brush to apply the color because richer colors should look precise and polished. Remember, dry, cracked lips ar a big NO NO so be sure to use a lip balm/lip conditioner before attempting any of these lip looks. The lips should be the star of your face. Keep the rest of the face soft; think: bedroom eyes or just a swipe of eyeliner and mascara.

Chanel Iman at Jason Wu

Backstage at Rachel Roy

Chanel Noirs Obcurs Collection for Winter 2009
*These shades give a pure, rich color payoff. Pair with a complimentary lip liner for maximum staying power. Shades in these color families would look great with a charcoal grey, wool ensemble!

NARS Fast Ride Lipstick
*Although it looks intense in the tube, this is actually a sheer deep plum shade. Because it's a bit softer in it's application, this would be great for beginners, as well as, good for layering.

MAC Prep + Prime Lip
*Optional, yet really worth it! A lip primer is a great partner to the deep lip. Not only will it prevnt feathering (which is more noticeble when using dark colors), but it will act as an additional adhesive for your lip color for even longer wear. Less touch ups...count me in!

Smith's Rosebud Salve
* I'm a sucker for a great lip conditioner, and this one of my FAVS! I'ts cheap, fast absorbing and doesn't have that waxy feel; just soft, healthy looking smackers. PS: rubbing the balm remainder on the cuticles is a great conditioner as well.

Yves Saint Laurent Les Experts Lip Brush
*This retractable brush makes it great for on the go touch ups, and it's small enough to throw in a small clutch for date night.

~Stay classy and fabulous- Your Glam-Puss!

Keebs you are sooo poppin!!!
I wanted to try this trend and didn't know what shade to use- I'm going to go from the Chanel!!!

Ladies- are you feeling the trend?
Any suggestions?

Leave questions for Keebs in teh comment section- she is a bag full of beauty tips!