Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kiddie Style: Tavi...

Ok readers-

I have been reading about this little style icon in the making for some months now.   Reading about how dope she is- her style is out of this world, and she is only 13years old!!!!

Her name is Tavi Willaims.  She has a blog where she documents her daily fits and talk about fashion fashion fashion.... and her blog is one of the most sort out blogs!!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT!!!???

I hear she attends all the fashion shows- sits front row along side of major buyers, editors, and stylists. 
Some aspire to be Oprah- fashionistas aspire to be 13 yr old Tavi... haahah *ok that was extreme*  but you get my drift.

Take a haute look at her photo shoot for POP Magazine!

Please check out her blog- some of her options are over the top- she dresses as if she was on the cat walk- but she is nothing but inspiring... and she is only 13 years old!!!!
I can sooo see her becoming huge once she receives her working papers!


Kiddie Style: Diggy Simmons

We all know Diggy Simmons- we fell in love with this kid with a mouth full of braces on MTV's hit reality show- "Run's House"

Boy... he has blossomed!  Look how stylish he is...  From his bow ties, to the collegiate cardigans, to the blazers, to his crazy dope four finger rings- designed by Melody Ehsani... this little kid is definitely a rising child style star!

He was in attendance at New York Fashion Week this past month and he wow'd on-lookers.

I hear his style inspirations are Pharrell and Marc Jacobs- I guess you can't put an age on personal style!

He is sooo adorable!!!!

SIDEBAR: If you are following me on twitter- you would have known I'm going to start posting some kiddie style... CHEE LOVE THE KIDS!!!!!  I fiugred featuring stylish Diggy is a great way to start my Kiddie Style Section!!!

Please check out his blog- its sooo cute!!! *I get some stuff off of his blog hahaha*

Send me some pics of your kiddies, or nieces, lil siblings, god children... whoever... Let's post their styles...