Wednesday, December 9, 2009


These Elizabeth and James boots are CRAZY!!! The detailing on these boots are haute!
I need to be rich, it's just too much stuff that makes my heart skip a beat!

I know it's a little too cold for sandals- but I heart these lace-up! :)  These sandals are Acne.


Sunnies. Sunnies. Sunnies.

So because of the rain I decided to post some dope sunnies- to get your mind off the nasty weather we are having here in NY-
Peep the dope sunnies...

The last pair are my FAVORITE!!! vintage Emilio Pucci.... ***GAGS***


Haute Look: Feather Skirts

A feather skirt is a great option for holiday parties.  Gives a glamour/1920's flapper feel to the festive look.  I'm hoping I hit up a New Years Eve party this year (after going to church) and a feather skirt is definitely on my radar as an option.

Kim K. was my inspiration.....

Found some cool options...

Haute Hippie

Top Shop Mini Feather Skirts

I'm still looking for some dresses- I know the sequin dress is an obvious go to- I'm staying clear from that option, though sequin is gorgeous for the holiday season- I do not want to look like EVERY girl... u kno....

Are you ladies looking for a Christmas and New Year's dress?