Friday, August 14, 2009

My Fashion Life: DJ Headphones

Hey people,
Ok- So I been feening for some big colorful headphones for about 5 months now!
I was on the train one morning going to work and I was looking across at the window staring at my reflection. That's when I noticed my earphones are sooo WACK!!!
The regular white ipod earphones are not stylish AT ALL!!!!
So I am on a mission to find the perfect stylish oversize headphones... I need to style up my lobes while jamming to the ipizzy.

I would loooove these....

Pink crystal studded headphones... ooowwweeee!!!!

These Panasonic joints are cool too...

Roxy headphones are colorful and cool.


These uber chic colorful headphones are made by AERIAL7 and their inspiration for all of their designs are taken from street art and urban fashion.
They all come with a thick coiled cable for standard music players and a thin straight cable with microphone for cell phones, allowing you to listen to the music on the go as well as make phone calls.

Once I get my hand on some over sized headphones I'm going to be in DJ mode! If you see me bopping madd hard... blame it on the headphones...
What you guys think?
Are you feeling the DJ headphones?
Until Next Time
same place tomorrow
Style Reporter

H&M Fall Campaign: Men inspiration

Hey stylistos,

So Fall is approaching very quickly and it's time to get inspired for your Fall wardrobe.

Think clean and chic this Fall fellas. Tailored fit coats, clean sleek cardies, Corduroy, pull over sweaters.... you get my drift...

When it's time for me to go shopping, I always look for inspiration.... I normally surf the web, see what the stars are wearing, go through mags, look at retail campaigns, rummage my closet, my friend's closet.... etc.

So it's time to get inspired with H&M Fall 2009 Campaign

This V-Neck sweater is always a hit in Fall. The great thing is, the look will carry you from Fall to Winter. Great for work straight to a dope happy hour.

Think about timeless plaid patterns and light grey cardigans.
If you are big enough to do it, mix up different plaid patterns. Adds a collegiate feel to your get up.

Colored bottoms. I am a fan. Some men are afraid to make that jump, but add your personal style and I'm sure you can rock out to a pair of colored cords, or chinos for the Fall.
Try a neutral cardy and go.... :)
How about the velvet blazer- I'm on the fence, but some dudes can pull it off! Great for Holiday.
Hope this gets you inspired for your clean and chic Fall wardrobe.

Until Next Time
same place tomorrow
Style Reporter

Comme des Garcons: Dressed in all black

Hey Stylistos!!!

Ok so since my last post on Comme des Garcons, I've been visiting the site and doing some research, because the brand is kind of dope. Yeah I know... the prices are ridiculous!

But anything dope I have to share with you guys, and this newly released Black collection by Comme des Garcons has my stamp of dopeness!!

The t-shirts are tough!
What you think?
Until Next time
same place tomorrow
Style Reporter