Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fall Fashion Buzz: The Gap

Hey people!

I have the skinny on the Gap’s Fall/Winter 2009 collection, and I'm sooo very impressed!!!!

I remember once upon a time I lived in the Gap. I stood by it, it was my “Go To” store. But on a 5 year span the Gap has been producing eehhhhh pieces- not inspiring, the fit was wack and it was too basic, but the Gap is here to reclaim its spot.

This Fall season, still with an American Style feel to it, this collection has an European influence. That’s dope- because I will always say, Europeans have the best style.
"The collection has the sensibility of an American in Europe," Robinson says. "Its origins are in a pure American style, with a strong European influence."

This will be the second autumn collection under Gap's head of design, Patrick Robinson. Great move thus far!

Check out some of the looks...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the over sized cardigans.

A chunky heel boot- will set me style free!

These shearling lined boots are dope!!!

I LOVE this grunge reject/bad boy styling they are doing with the boys. Very Euro. I'm feeling it.

Key items for women: the washed silk T-shirt, ombré merino sweaters, mannish blazers and pleat-front pencil skirt sweater.

Key items for men: the leather jacket, dark denim, over sized cable scarves and the pea coat.

Gap is still sticking to their Roots and that is their love for Denim. The execution is great, I love that denim puffer vest!

Gap has collaborated with Pierre Hardy and Albertus Swanepoel for autumn/winter accessories. "Pierre Hardy's platform boot shape and winter sandals add drama, in soft sage green and grey tones, while Albertus Swanepoel has designed pretty cloche hats in denim and felt," adds Robinson.

Are you guys sold on the new Gap collection?

I can not wait!

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Source: WGSN


Rachel Zoe is Back

With all this Rachel Zoe talk, don’t forget to tune in for the second season of ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ premiering Aug 24th @ 10PM on Bravo.

I have to get my Tivo poppin’. Last season was soooo good, I’m looking forward to this season. I can’t wait to see what catch phrases Zoe plants on us this time around.

Expect cameos from fashion elites like Diane Von Furstenberg, Karl Lagerfeld, Liv Tyler, just to name a few. This season we get footage from Zoe’s Paris visits…. This should be good. The best style is in Paris!!! Can’t wait to see the inspiration.

Check out the trailor for this season’s “The Rachel Zoe Project”.

I wonder if Taylor and Brad get along in this season… hmmmm….
Enjoy stylistas

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Your Daily Dose to Rachel Zoe: 'The Zoe Report'

Hey Stylistas,

Hope everyone is well and looking fabulous in their stylish digs, take an umbrella with you tonight your commute home might be a wet one…

With that said let’s begin….

I’m very excited to learn that Rachel Zoe has finally launched her Daily newsletter titled ‘The Zoe Report’ . I heard this awhile back, but just learned the official launch was yesterday, August 4th.

‘The Zoe Report’ encompasses Zoe’s current obsessions in the beauty/fashion/accessory world.
This should be fun. I heart Zoe. She is one of my fav stylists in the game.

To sign up for your daily dose of Zoe click here.
I’ve checked out the first newsletter and I’m totally SOLD!!!

The ‘Ask Rachel’ column is brilliant- she will answer all your styling questions via twitter.

At the end of every post, there is a section called “Parallel Universe” where she gives you a cheaper equivalent to her fashion obsession- you know she has hella expensive taste…
Me likey!

The recessionista would praise her for it, and the fashionista might turn their noses. I wonder if her designer pals would get mad at her for promoting inspirations (I dare not say knock-offs) of their creations…. Hmmmm…. (Did I just rhyme?? Haha)

What do you guys think? I love the idea of the ‘Parallel Universe', she is connecting with her ALL her fans who share a common interest… FASHION!
I Die!- in the Zoe voice
I will post her first newsletter for you guys later on.

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Dope Mag Covers: Keri and Kid Cudi for Complex

Hey stylish people,

For the August/September issue, Complex took an animated approach to their covers.

Designer SO-ME puts a creative twist to the cover Keri Hilson graces, while graffiti artist Augor is responsible Kid Cudi's cover.

Both covers are pretty dope!

I see Mags are stepping out of the box to sell more issues.
I dig!

Kid Cudi is rocking two hot Must Haves in this August/September issue.
The G-Shock watch and Yeezy's overly expensive LV kicks. I can't deny it, these kicks are tough!!!

Dear Kanye,
Please lower the price of your LV kicks so Real people can afford them. Thanks.


Keri Hilson shares the cover with Kid Cudi

These shots of Keri is sexy and sooo Keri stylicious!
pairing funking tights with pumps and sexy swimsuits.
I'm digging it!

Once I find out what her shoes are I will let you know ladies... but the shoes are dope!

If anyone know, please spill!!!

I can't wait to pick up my Complex issue.

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