Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Your Daily Dose to Rachel Zoe: 'The Zoe Report'

Hey Stylistas,

Hope everyone is well and looking fabulous in their stylish digs, take an umbrella with you tonight your commute home might be a wet one…

With that said let’s begin….

I’m very excited to learn that Rachel Zoe has finally launched her Daily newsletter titled ‘The Zoe Report’ . I heard this awhile back, but just learned the official launch was yesterday, August 4th.

‘The Zoe Report’ encompasses Zoe’s current obsessions in the beauty/fashion/accessory world.
This should be fun. I heart Zoe. She is one of my fav stylists in the game.

To sign up for your daily dose of Zoe click here.
I’ve checked out the first newsletter and I’m totally SOLD!!!

The ‘Ask Rachel’ column is brilliant- she will answer all your styling questions via twitter.

At the end of every post, there is a section called “Parallel Universe” where she gives you a cheaper equivalent to her fashion obsession- you know she has hella expensive taste…
Me likey!

The recessionista would praise her for it, and the fashionista might turn their noses. I wonder if her designer pals would get mad at her for promoting inspirations (I dare not say knock-offs) of their creations…. Hmmmm…. (Did I just rhyme?? Haha)

What do you guys think? I love the idea of the ‘Parallel Universe', she is connecting with her ALL her fans who share a common interest… FASHION!
I Die!- in the Zoe voice
I will post her first newsletter for you guys later on.

Until Next time
Same place tomorrow

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