Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Viddy: Video Phone

I know most of you seen the viddy by now... but I'm late.... always late when it comes to music and videos!!!

I LOVE this viddy! Bey does it again.... dope!

I'm surprised Lady Gaga kept up with her on the dance number- Beyonce didn't try to out do her... (You know Bey be going crazy sometimes... lol)

Love the colors- Bey cat eye make-up- the military leotard was popping.... pretty cool...

Check it out....


Stylicious Find: Chicy

I came across a cute clothing website called Chicy.

They have very cute sweaters, dope accessories, jackets, shoes- all at a reasonable price.

The currency is in sweedish I believe- the conversion is 1USD---->6.2KR


Style Stake out: I Bet My Kick Will Hurt

I do not know when these drop for TOPSHOP.... but these shoe candies right chur!!!! are DOPE!!!

I be spiked out!!!

Anyone knows when these come out?  Are they out??


Winter Fashion: Puffer jackets for HIM

I WANT TO FIRST APOLOGIZE IF I OFFEND ANYONE WHO HAS A MONCLER... BUT IM SOOOO TIRED OF THEM!!!!!  HARLEM AND BK RAN THAT COAT INTO THE GROUND.  I'm not going to front I was loving the Monclers- but I was not hip to spending 700-1000 dollars for one.  I just thought it wasn't worth it. 

And I'm not saying do not wear your Moncler!!! cuz those are 700 a pop... but fellas- just know there are other Puffer jackets out there.... Like..

I'm not a fan of Armani Exchange- I use to be when I was in High School- but this puffer is cute-  I like the diagnal two tone detail in this puffer jacket.  Very Cute!

D&G is always the MOVEMENT!!

United Colors of Benetton

This Patagonia is a great Mustard option for you fellas- get some color in your Winter wardrobe- your Puffer can be great colors- I like the small scale bubbles as well.  Great for a snowy day in New York.

I came across this cute blue puffer from Urban Outfitters- the brand is Penfield.  They have more color options.

What you think fellas?


source: shopstyle, gq.com

Stylistos: The Supreme

Hey Stylistos…

I have not forgotten about you… I was over at Supreme to see what’s popping and I seen some pretty dope jackets, hats and plaid shirts.

I always liked a guy on a pom pom knit hat. I don’t know- always thought they were cute. I heart the Gucci pom pom- but once EVERY dude in BK rocked them- had to go to the next…. Lol

Supreme have some cute and fun options to attack the pom pom hat game.

I'm not a fan of LOGOs printed across garments- but in this instance- I'm feeling it!  pom pom hats are GREAT with parker jackets or Puffer Vests- in some style situations- I like the pom poms with Puffer jackets as well-
The last row of pom poms scream collegiate and rugby to me-

I think everyone needs a parker jacket, especially a dude.  It's great for the cold/bad weather- like rain and snow and you can endure the moist weather in style.

I am a jacket girl and I think everyone needs options.... I like this coat for an option coat- not a main go to coat- there is a difference.  I like the red puffer and yellow- reminds me of old school Nautica and Polo.

I HEART these flannel plaid shirts.  I think guys look soo cute in their flannel shirts.  So cute with a parker or puffer vest :)

Drake was snapped at his viddy shoot rocking a Supreme varsity jacket- you guys know how I feel about the varsity jackets- VERY DOPE for guys :)

Head over to Supreme and check out the rest of the collection.


Winter Fashion: Yellow Coats

Another item on my winter checklist is a winter coat.  Now if you seen my winter coat closet section you would roll your eyes at me and say I don't need another coat- but I do it every year- I purchase atleast 3-4 coats every year... and this year- I want one of my winter coats to be a yellow one.

I'm not really the "Yellow" girl... but I've seen some cute options.  The great thing about yellow- you can pair it up with black (but watch your balance you can be mistaken for a bee) grey, navy, and creme.

Another bright hue for the winter ladies is Eletric blue!!!
Keep an eye out on these two colors :)

Any dope coats you guys are staking out?


Style Shock: Baby Phat Booties


These are really cute for $80.00... You wouldn't think these are Baby Phat!

I was shocked...


Rocker Chic: Hot Pink and Black

Amerie was recently snapped for an Elle photo shoot.
One of the looks was a cute Rocker inspired fit.  Amerie looks too cute.
This look is very EASY to accomplish-
  • some booties-
  • studded belt
  • HOT pink sweater dress- all form TOPSHOP... HEART that place!!!
A great going out option...

Amerie is a beauty- I wish she was a big star.... but she can not reach that status to save her life!!! uuughhh.. I don't think it's her image cuz she is very pretty and natural- she has great style... maybe it's her songs.... I don't know.... What do you guys think?  Do you like Amerie?


Winter Fashion: The Trapper


Hi readers... you missed me? I missed yall!!! xox

Anywho let's get to it... I've been dreaming fashion for the pass week...

Winter is here and I've been jotting down some winter staples I need to pick up before the weather takes a drastic detour from warm Fall weather to blistering cold...

First on my list... The Trapper!!!

I was on rihannadaily.com (as always... on my style stake out) and Rih Rih had a dope Trapper on...

Rihanna was snapped in London doing her one two thing sporting a cute Trapper and her favorite Rick Owens jacket.

Which got me thinking about my winter trapper... Hmmmm.... I already have 2- but they are a little out dated.
Atrium has a couple of good quality.
And dont sleep on the street vendors- they have amazing Trapper options

My girlfriend has a FABULOUS mink Trapper!!! I've been trying to buy her hat from her for the pas 2 years- hopefully this year I will win her over!! hahahah

Do you guys like trappers?