Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Winter Fashion: Puffer jackets for HIM

I WANT TO FIRST APOLOGIZE IF I OFFEND ANYONE WHO HAS A MONCLER... BUT IM SOOOO TIRED OF THEM!!!!!  HARLEM AND BK RAN THAT COAT INTO THE GROUND.  I'm not going to front I was loving the Monclers- but I was not hip to spending 700-1000 dollars for one.  I just thought it wasn't worth it. 

And I'm not saying do not wear your Moncler!!! cuz those are 700 a pop... but fellas- just know there are other Puffer jackets out there.... Like..

I'm not a fan of Armani Exchange- I use to be when I was in High School- but this puffer is cute-  I like the diagnal two tone detail in this puffer jacket.  Very Cute!

D&G is always the MOVEMENT!!

United Colors of Benetton

This Patagonia is a great Mustard option for you fellas- get some color in your Winter wardrobe- your Puffer can be great colors- I like the small scale bubbles as well.  Great for a snowy day in New York.

I came across this cute blue puffer from Urban Outfitters- the brand is Penfield.  They have more color options.

What you think fellas?


source: shopstyle, gq.com

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  1. Ugh. These coats are ugly and they can't possibly be flattering on anyone.