Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Fashion Life: Polaroid Cam Hunt

I have been feening for a Polaroid camera for some years now. I keep throwing hint after hint to my BF and friends, and I have not received one yet!!!
So I think I'm going to purchase my own...
But I do not know where- I have been googling all morning and can not find one!!!!
It's going to be very necessary once I start doing my lil side hustle.
Can you guys help me- do you know where I can go? Do you guys have one in your attic that you hate and about to throw away- if so... let me cop that!!! lol
I tried Ebay and they are crazy with their prices. In the fashion world Polaroids are essential, so all the fashion heads are buying them up.
Before I left Coach, our Art department was selling them from 5 dollars- but of course I leave then they put the cameras up for sale during the season's sample sale!!! uuugghhh...
What do you guys think....

I came across this cool "modern" digital Polaroid cam, but I want the old looking camera. Digital does not capture the real essence of a photograph.... I want the REAL thang!!!!

Let me know yall....