Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dope Online Find: Nike Air Hoop Structure

Attention Stylistos!!

The other night while flipping through the channels I noticed a cool site my boyfriend was on, he was exploring all the crazy fitted hats, dope t-shirts, and vibrant sneakers . Later I learned he was on Leaders1354 website. A cool Chicago store that houses dope street wear. The site is more directed towards guys, but it had great stuff, from clothes, to sneakers, to art.

There was a pair of kicks that automatically caught my attention and as your style reporter I felt it is my duty to deliver dope finds.

Nike Air Hoop Structure

Meet the Nike Air Hoop Structure. For all you sneaker heads who peeped these along time ago, this is the first time I'm seeing these and I suggest if you are a sneaker head to pick these up. These drop Holiday 2009 so keep an eye out. Every Stylisto needs a great pair of kicks.
Head over to www.leaders1354.com to see more dope street wear.

Let me know what else you find.

Side note: I wonder if Kanye visits whenever he goes back home... Hmmmmm

For all you sneaker heads who know the skinny on dope sneakers before they hit the airwaves- email me, I will post them on the site :)

until next time

Style Reporter

Dope Online Find: Burnout Tanks

Hey Stylistas,

I was on Forever 21 website cruising through the accessory section, though I don't buy too much of the garments, the accessories are the best, I came across some dope tanks!

Burnout Pocket Tank

Ever wanted to explore Rihanna's Rock chic look, try out these tanks.

The Burnout Pocket Tanks are giving me a style attack. I'm loving them.
What I love about these tanks are the inspirational messages with the definition. LOVE!

These tanks will take any style from casual boring to Rock & Roll Chic.

Pair your choice of tank with some leather leggings, motorcycle boots, skinny jeans, or Rock & Roll Studded Booties. I'm thinking of spike accessories... Im having a moment! :)

The best thing about it is the price, $11.80. WOOHOO... talk about recession friendly!

I'm thinking about the Imagine, Hope, and Love- they have a Beauty one also.
Run over to forever21.com and get you one.

Which one are you buying?
I'm ordering mine RIGHT NOW! :)

Until next time

Same place Tomorrow


Style Reporter