Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SATC Trailer

OMG I need a Cosmo and a pair of Manolos....
Here is the trailer for Sex and the City 2

Peep how the trailer starts with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys 'Empire State of Mind'.... who would of thought thus song would grow to be this big!!!

Ok so Carrie has on a turban... the same damn turban (well VERY close) to the turban I was begging my grandmother for this pass weekend.  My grandmother has this colorful handmade orginal turban from back in the 60's-70's era and I'm trying to persuade her to hand it over.

Cross your fingers for me... let's say a prayer....
It's similar to the turban Carrie has on in the trailer....
OMG! I'm soo excited and sooo hyped... lol
Are you guys excited about the 'Sex and the City' movie?


T.I is Free!!!

This is soooo non-fashion related... but Stuffflypeoplelike are saying he is out of jail but have to go to a halfway house...

YAAAAYYYY!!! I was just telling me boyfriend- I miss T.I---

I know Tina is happpy! great Christmas gift for the family.


More Varsity Flavor

Knit jersey Varsity- this is great for warmer days int eh late spring early summer.

Deluxe Clothing

Deluxe Clothing- spring/summer 2010

You already know by now... I LOVE varsity jackets on dudes....

This spring and summer is the season fro Varsity jackets.


The Fringe Bag

I this photo via BBM from my homegirl showing off her dope fringe bag! I love it... I think she is going to give it to me.... *crosses fringers*

Anywho.... Fringe is another big trend on the rise this season-  It's VERY BOHO Chic.  Though this pass month's Harper Bazaar is informing their readers to pack the fringe bag away...  I'm still down for the trend....

Vanessa Hudgens and Kate Moss love their Fringe bags....

Christian Louboutin

Linea Pelle Janis Fringe Bag

Roxie Embossed Fringe Bag

JJ Winter Fringe Bag

JJ Winter Fringe Bag

Lucky Brand Fringe Bag

Karen Millen- for Asos

What you think?


Stylistos: Polo Boots

With the snow here and the weather going from bearable to 'bring out the mink' weather....

Polo have some down sherling lined boots for the stylistos.

I actually like these- they remind me of Eastlands.... do you guys remember those??
All the cute boys in the school had them....
I guess fashion does come full circle! lol

The great thing these boots- they are versatile, warm, and stylish.... ooowwweee!


Yeezy the New Bapester

The latest Bape lookbook  (Spring/summer 2010) features Search.Style.Snap's number one stylisto, Kanye West.  With a mixture of Bape and URSUS Bape releases on the cards, the entire range is refined, with a mixture of Japanese and American aesthetics, making the choice to work with Mr. West appropriate. The collection includes new styles of belts and as wells shirts, work trousers, tees, varsity jackets and more.

Hypebeast got their hands on the Bape Lookbook.....

DOPE sunnies Kanye!

80's inspired satin jacket--- sooo 'Grease'.  I like it tho...

Military trend is definitely on the radar and all your favorite designers are designing into it.  Take note- military is the way to go this spring and summer

Love the oxford botton down!

I LOVE this knit varsity jacket.... you guys know how I feel about a dude in a varsity jacket.  I heart the Laker inspired colors.

Bape made a great decision and used Ye for their Spring/Summer lookbook.  He can make anything look good... well... certain thigns... lol

I miss Kanye... COME BACK YEEZY!!!!!

Anyone heard any new music from Kanye... if you did- send me a link... I wanna hear...



Shoulders are the "New Cleavage"

New Years is approaching quickly and my number one trend I would promote hard for a dope New Year's Eve dress is the one shoulder cocktail dress.

With fashion forever changing- it's looking like legs and shoulders are the "New Cleavage" .











I would pair my off the shoulder dress with Black tights... or any fashionable tights and a dope heel, preferably platform heel.  Tights are a great trend right now and it will protect you from the chilling weather...

Send me some pics of your New Years Eve's outfits if you are hitting a dope NYE party....

This year I will definitely be in church, afterwards no clue....