Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Style Tweet: @JuneAmbrose

Great style minds think alike:

Today I tweeted I wanted to purchase my first tie this weekend and I called out for my fellow Dope Boys on twitter to suggest some dope spots; where I can find a very cute and stylish tie from suitable for a woman.

A couple of minutes ago I took a glimpse of Ms. Ambrose's timeline on twitter (because I follow her- follow her if you are on twitter- she is hilarious, gives great style advice, and sometimes leak juicy behind the scenes photos) and took a peek at her "Fashion Dossier" today....

Peep her tie- this lady has mega style.

I wonder if Sherlock Holmes was her inspiration... hmmm...? very cute!!!

What do you think?

Boots: Manolo
Blazer and tie: Ralph Lauren
Hat: Eugenia Kim


Obsession: Suede Chloe Lace Ups

This Fall Chloe is keeping the ladies very stylish!!!

I'm Obsessing right now!!!

These boots are giving me a Haute Attack!!! lol-
Talk about serving it on a platinum platter!!!


The BAG!!!! :)... NIIIICCEEEE!

I love the natural color.  The great thing about the color- you can literally pair this with nay hue for the FALL.

Are you obsessing???


Style Du Jour: Kate Moss

This 5’7” style icon is one of my Favs…. Not only because she is a style maniac, but she broke all barriers- despite her drug antics a few years ago- Kate is soo DOPE!!!

Check out some of her fit choices.

I love the Black tight Kate pairs with her dresses.  I'm sooo into the Power shoulders- as you can see on this blog.  I'm always giving you guys options.

I HEART the lace long sleeve dress- I have been looking for one for 2 years now, but I always come across some that look cheap- anyone have any suggestions???

HEART the flat patent leather loafer and Dark sunnies!!!

See a common factor south of the ankles- Classic black pump!!!
Ladies this is a staple that I should be able to navigate with no doubt in your closet.

Ok ok ok, I do not have a black pump in my closet!! I KNOW shame on me- but I DID!!! I just threw a lot of shoes away before my move and my black pump was one of them!

Don’t you worry- I am treating myself to a great pair of Red Bottoms for Christmas- yes chile… I have to save and cop me a pair- hahahah I wanted to get a good boot, but if I am going to take that plunge I should invest in a good staple. The great thing is, the pump is not that much- I might get a pair before Christmas- maybe next month :)

I'm also taking up a collection!!!  ;)


Dope Girls: PnkElephant- Five Dollar Wednesdays!!!

Hey Guys!!!

I'm all about promoting Young Dope Chicks and Guys doing their thang!!!! Whether you are doing your thang at your 9-5 or you have a MEAN side Hustle- I like to represent you on my blog!!! As a young aspiring entrepreneur I would want the same exposure and support...

My homegirls Blair and Dana from came up with a dope weekly promotion- Every Wednesday they will feature a new product at $5.00. That’s SWEET- Their trendy accessories are already reasonable- but for $5.00 you can set your style free- definitely great for the Stylista.... hell... great for the Fashionista and Recessionista!!!

This week's $5.00 Promo

My first purchase from PnkElephant.  I HEART them!

If you guys have a dope side hustle, a blog or a business you are trying to kick off- send me your info- I will definitely expose your talents- there is a catch- this is a style blog and I am completely indulged in fashion- so somehow it has to relate back to the theme of Search.Style.Snap!

Hit me up-

Check PnkElephant out!