Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Style Tweet: @JuneAmbrose

Great style minds think alike:

Today I tweeted I wanted to purchase my first tie this weekend and I called out for my fellow Dope Boys on twitter to suggest some dope spots; where I can find a very cute and stylish tie from suitable for a woman.

A couple of minutes ago I took a glimpse of Ms. Ambrose's timeline on twitter (because I follow her- follow her if you are on twitter- she is hilarious, gives great style advice, and sometimes leak juicy behind the scenes photos) and took a peek at her "Fashion Dossier" today....

Peep her tie- this lady has mega style.

I wonder if Sherlock Holmes was her inspiration... hmmm...? very cute!!!

What do you think?

Boots: Manolo
Blazer and tie: Ralph Lauren
Hat: Eugenia Kim



  1. Luvvvssssssss it!!! She's such a style maven and so are you, young lady :)

  2. Cute! I have been wearing mens ties for years. I usually go for Pink or Brooks Brothers. I also have snagged some dope ties from vintage stores. Vintage Dior and YSL ones are usually short enough for a lady's neck!

    xoxo ShayB

  3. She looks as though she's gonna put it down in the office on some serious creating and go!

  4. very fly! a michigan football alum named dhani jones started his own tie line. check it out at