Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Style Du Jour: Kate Moss

This 5’7” style icon is one of my Favs…. Not only because she is a style maniac, but she broke all barriers- despite her drug antics a few years ago- Kate is soo DOPE!!!

Check out some of her fit choices.

I love the Black tight Kate pairs with her dresses.  I'm sooo into the Power shoulders- as you can see on this blog.  I'm always giving you guys options.

I HEART the lace long sleeve dress- I have been looking for one for 2 years now, but I always come across some that look cheap- anyone have any suggestions???

HEART the flat patent leather loafer and Dark sunnies!!!

See a common factor south of the ankles- Classic black pump!!!
Ladies this is a staple that I should be able to navigate with no doubt in your closet.

Ok ok ok, I do not have a black pump in my closet!! I KNOW shame on me- but I DID!!! I just threw a lot of shoes away before my move and my black pump was one of them!

Don’t you worry- I am treating myself to a great pair of Red Bottoms for Christmas- yes chile… I have to save and cop me a pair- hahahah I wanted to get a good boot, but if I am going to take that plunge I should invest in a good staple. The great thing is, the pump is not that much- I might get a pair before Christmas- maybe next month :)

I'm also taking up a collection!!!  ;)



  1. lol, I'll be investing in red bottoms aswell! lol...

  2. SO i just bought 2 pairs of red bottom booties in the last 2 weeks. idk but booties r my thing this season. I have been wanting a new pair of black pumps. when its time for a new one i think i'll get a pair of CLs.

    Great post.....


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