Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stylistos: The Supreme

Hey Stylistos…

I have not forgotten about you… I was over at Supreme to see what’s popping and I seen some pretty dope jackets, hats and plaid shirts.

I always liked a guy on a pom pom knit hat. I don’t know- always thought they were cute. I heart the Gucci pom pom- but once EVERY dude in BK rocked them- had to go to the next…. Lol

Supreme have some cute and fun options to attack the pom pom hat game.

I'm not a fan of LOGOs printed across garments- but in this instance- I'm feeling it!  pom pom hats are GREAT with parker jackets or Puffer Vests- in some style situations- I like the pom poms with Puffer jackets as well-
The last row of pom poms scream collegiate and rugby to me-

I think everyone needs a parker jacket, especially a dude.  It's great for the cold/bad weather- like rain and snow and you can endure the moist weather in style.

I am a jacket girl and I think everyone needs options.... I like this coat for an option coat- not a main go to coat- there is a difference.  I like the red puffer and yellow- reminds me of old school Nautica and Polo.

I HEART these flannel plaid shirts.  I think guys look soo cute in their flannel shirts.  So cute with a parker or puffer vest :)

Drake was snapped at his viddy shoot rocking a Supreme varsity jacket- you guys know how I feel about the varsity jackets- VERY DOPE for guys :)

Head over to Supreme and check out the rest of the collection.


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