Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ABDC: First Episode Run through

Ok people,

Before I put the lappy away, I want to re-cap the first episode of America's Best Dance Crew.

I wasn't too thrilled and excited last night as usual, but I do see some potential.

Lil' Mama was there looking like her crazy regular self. You have to give her snaps for her courageous fashion decisions. The great thing is she doesn't look too CRAZY, with the exception of that "Super Hero" ponytail. At least her style is always consistent. I could never be mad at that!

Mario Lopez was hosting looking like he just came off the set of 'Saved by the Bell'. Does this guy ever age? I was feeling his cardy too.

Out of all 9 groups my favorite groups are both from NEW YORK!!!
WOOOHOOO!!! Usually the west coast groups kick our butts.

Rhythm City from the Bronx RIPPED this show last night. They brought massive energy, choreography, B-boying and style.

I heart shorty's red leather jacket, the plaids shirts and homie's stripe grey and yellow cardy.

My second favorite group to wow the audience, viewers, and the judges was Vogue Evolution. Two words for this group... Work Bitch!!!!

They were fierce and brought the flavor. I'm looking forward to see this group next week.

Lastly, the bottom three crews had to battle it out for a slot on next week's show. Southern Movement and Beat ya Feet Kings came hard. They put their game face on and danced their hearts out.
Southern Movement from Tennessee
Beat Ya Feet Kings from D.C

'Fr3sh' crew banner fell last night. Which served them right... during the battle they were smiling and coming with weak moves...

I thought they looked really cute, but they had to go....

8 crews left... can't wait til next week... the challenge is a tribute to BEYONCE....

Vogue Evolution is going to KILL IT!!!

Any bets???
Tune in EVERY Sunday on MTV!

Until next time
same place tomorrow

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