Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dope Sale: 60% off at LF Store!

Hey Stylistas,

So I normally wouldn't share this top secret fashion info with ANYONE!!! But because i love my readers and those who support Search.Style.Snap I can disclose this info to you.

I received my annual email from LF Stores this morning saying today is the first day of their annual 60 percent off sale.

You guys don't know how excited I am. I freaking love this store. The great thing about this boutique- it is a slim chance you will find someone wearing your purchase.
The variety of pieces are endless. The stylist working in the stores are dressed head to toe in LF brands and they are super helpful and very inspiring. LF has some of the dopest jewelry and shoes.
The buyers shop in some of the best vintage stores in California, so you can imagine the peices floating in that store.
When you shop you get the total fashion experience.

WOW... I deserved a check for endorsing LF so hard!! hahah (I went in right???lol)

Karen- who writes wheredidugetthat (fab blog BTW) - just posted on twitter that LF has the studded converse on sale- 60% off!!! I been eyeing these for the longest, but REFUSE to pay $188.00 for them!!

These are sooo dope!

I am in love with LF's annual 60% sale because it's always around my bday. I always find the dopest shoes and dress for my bday celebration.

I will swing by today and let you guys know what's shaking!!!

If you have the time visit or stop by the store and get your shop on!

Who shops at LF?
until next time
same place tomorrow

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