Monday, August 24, 2009

A-Z Fall Survival Guide: A, B, and C

Hey Sexy Readers,

Today is your first dose of Search. Style. Snap's A-Z Fall survival guide.

We are going to go through the whole entire alphabet serving you your Falls' Must Haves, trends, and most talked about for Fall.

I will not limit this fabulous list to just clothing. As a stylista and stylisto, there are many factors that make up your style.
Let's get into it.

This Fall season animal print is HUGE. This Fall brings you fierceness and wildlife. Keep your eye out for leopard prints and wildlife tees. For you daring stylistas, try to mix and match your animal print.

For my fellas, accessories are huge for you this Fall. Whether it is a watch, necklace, or a bracelet, adding an accessory will add some spice and a clean touch.

It's all about boots!!! Ladies store away your pumps and rack up on Boots. Either go really low (ankle boots) or really high (over the knee boots).

I always knew about BKC, but really didn't know how dope it was, until a friend of mine kept bigging it up. I made a visit to the store and I was sold. This is a great brand and this sneak peak to the Fall's collection is a reason why BKC made the list. You will survive the Fall in one of BKC's pieces.

Chains are a dope addition to boots, tanks, or handbags. Its adding personality to your already simple pieces. You can practice your DIY skills and add chains to the pieces you already have in your closet.

Ladies have Vogue, Elle, and Essence, and Guys have Complex. To survive any upcoming season, magazines play an important part in keeping you informed as to what is out there, provides much inspiration, and can be a simple read.

Tomorrow I will unveal the next three letters.
If you feel I missed something let me know- and we can add it to the list :)
Until Next Time
Same place tomorrow
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