Wednesday, December 2, 2009

GAGS: Fur Vest

My Dope Readers


I've missed yall... alll jokes aside- soo not joking, whats happening???
How was everyone's Thanksgiving- mine was super dope!!! Spent time with family and friends! Im thankful for all of them and definitely you!!!

anywho.... back to fashion blogging....

I was online and ran into this fur vest.

Yes this season's rave is all about the Faux Fur Vest--- but I'm swooning over the REAL FUR vest.

This leather vest with Fur trim is to DIE for!!!!  I've always been a fur/mink kind of gal.  You can sooo rock this down or glam it up!!! I'm think skinny jeans- strappy moto boots or booties and a plaid shirt... SICK!!Love the animals- but I HEART fur.  I was in Atrium during the holiday break and seen this BADASS fox fur vest.  GAGS!!!
I do not know the brand- I seen it on but I wonder if I can get something like this made... hmmmmmm

This is a different approach to the fur vest and I like the suede.  Something about brushed suede on the skin is yummy!!! You can find this baby from Opening Ceremony.

Fashion gals- do you love?


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  1. I love it and you are right the real fur looks and feels better, but I have out shopped myself, so I have been considering a cute fur sub. one...any ideas?