Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stylistos: Geek Chic

I'm actually very proud of myself.  Instead of doing my picture postings in PowerPoint- or posting each picture individually- I upgraded to learning Microsft Paint.  I feel I just tossed out my crayons and construction paper for some sketch paper and color pencils! hahaha. 

I was sick of the juvenile pic postings I was given yall!!!... See I love my readers! You guys deserve nothing but the best.

Next self tutorial- Illustrator!... YIKES!!! That's when I will be POPPIN!!!!

Newho.... today I was exploring the wonderful world of Geek Chic.  This is a movement that we’ve seen come alive across both genders.  We've seen it a lot express by Hollywood Actors, but thanks to Pharell, Andre 3Stacks and Kanye- the hip hoppers and R&B cats are rocking it too.

Last week I was browsing the blogs and seen Bobby V was catching some slack on his Geek Chic style- I actually LOVED how he looked.  I dont think he was trying too hard to get the look, it actually looks very balanced and natural.

He opted for a sweater vest- verses the cardy and substituted a regular tie for a bow tie.  I like the mix pattern of the button up and plaid tie.  This balanced his look.  I like the choice of a solid vest.  It calmed his mix match patterns.

Well done Bobby! :)

You can substitute your cardy for a vest.  It's equally cute.  Finding a cute print Vest will add personality to your geek chic Style.  I love the "Life Guard" vest from Ralph Laruen.  A Button vest is a great choice as well.  It gives your look a laid back feel.

I do not see too many people rocking the suspenders to execute their geek chic look.  Maybe you guys should try it.  Andre 3000 is a suspender rocker and he kills it every time- use Andre 3stacks for inspiration.

Of course the Collegiate look Cardy is the right move.  Rugby is a great source to get your collegiate style cardigan.  I went to Rugby and customized this great navy blue cardigan with my BF's initials.  How cute is that???....  You do not necessarily have to pair your cardy with a button up, you can layer it with a v-neck tee or crew neck tee. 

The Bow-Tie is very tricky- not everyone can pull this off.  But I love pattern ties.  The skull heads on the RL bow tie is the cutest.  Try to find fun stripes, eye popping colors or cool polka dots.  When executing the bow-tie try not to take yourself too seriously.  Last week I was meeting a good friend of mine (His name is Jason- Dope Boys check is Blog out) and he paired his Bow Tie with a mix match pattern button up and a worn/washed Aerocrombie pull over hoodie.  VERY DOPE!

Last but not least, that Urkel Glasses.  My fav are the Cazals.  I have a pair and I LOVE THEM!!! As of right now, the dark lens are in, but as it gets cold I always change the lens back to clear.  I love the oversize, but you do not have to choose the oversize to get the look, a great small frame can definitely take you there as well.

Fellas are you into the Geek Chic movement?

I always say try something once, you do not have to adopt that into your everyday style- but switching it up is always cool!


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