Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dope Style: Puffer Vest

I've always enjoyed seeing a stylicous dude rocking a puffer vest!

Though I am SOOOO OVER Monclers.... I actually Like this Vest.

I don't think I love the matchy pom pom hat- but I do like the idea of a Pom Pom hat- maybe a solid red or black would of sent this semi winter look free!!!

Despite Nas being from Queens... I always LOVED Nas' streetwear style.
(that queens part is a joke- I know Like 4 guys form Queens who can dress their ass off lol)

Styling tip:  If you opt for a puffer vest, jump out the window and try a plaid pattern- or plaid accents.
Brings a lilttle flavor and character to this oldie but gooddie style.

The Gap has this great option- (My bf might kill me- he wants this jacket... hahaha)

Do you like that Moncler Vest Nas is wearing?



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